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Has anyone got any great blackcurrant recipes?

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Carrotsandcelery Sat 02-Jul-11 20:01:11

Our blackcurrant bush in the garden seems to be having a bumper year.

What can I do with all the blackcurrants?

Littlepurpleprincess Sat 02-Jul-11 20:32:15

I made a blackcurrant cheesecake today. smile

my nan grows them in her allotment so I'll watch this thread for ideas.

Carrotsandcelery Sat 02-Jul-11 20:34:01

Oooh purple - dh is asking for cheesecake. Is the recipe online?

Ponders Sat 02-Jul-11 20:35:42

I was given some by a friend on Thursday & I need inspiration too smile

GreenTeapot Sat 02-Jul-11 20:37:15

Apple and blackcurrant crumble. And blackcurrant jam, made so it's really tart and has whole blackcurrants in it - mmmmmmmm on buttered wholemeal toast it's fab smile

Littlepurpleprincess Sat 02-Jul-11 20:38:47

I used this recipe, but left out the lime, and topped it with blackcurrant compote. (Mix 200g of blackcurrants with 2 table spoons of sugar and cook in a saucepan until gloopy)

1 small pack digestive biscuits
100g butter
275ml double cream
170g full fat cream cheese
100g icing sugar
1 lemon
1 lime
decorations if you want

place the biscuits in a bowl and using the end of a rolling pin crush them into a fine crumb.

melt the butter in a pan and mix thoroughly with the biscuit crumbs, then place at the bottom of the cheesecake dish, push down and even out. place in the fridge to chill.

pour the cream into a large bowl and whisk until soft peaks

in a small mixing bowl, soften the cream cheese and gradually sift in the icing sugar, mixing continuously.

grate the rind of the lemon and lime and mix into the cream cheese and icing sugar.

cut the lemon and lime in half and juice, use 1 tbsp of this juice in the cheese mixture

fold the whipped cream into the cheese mixture and spread this on top of the biscuit base and decorate. then chill.

if you which to use other fruit such as berries, blend them into a pulp and then add to the cream cheese and icing sugar instead of the lemon and lime.

Carrotsandcelery Sat 02-Jul-11 20:42:22

That sounds totally yummy purple, thank you.

Dh wants me to make this but it sounds like you make it in the tin and then put the biscuit on top (so it will be the right way around when it is turned out) which is making me nervous. blush

Carrotsandcelery Sat 02-Jul-11 20:43:19

teapot we usually make jam but need to gather some jars first. I agree it is deliciously tart!

Carrotsandcelery Sun 03-Jul-11 15:36:28

I don't think my link is working. I shall try again here fingers crossed.

Carrotsandcelery Sun 03-Jul-11 15:40:50

Yay! grin

I also made this sorbet but without the gelatine as we are vegetarians. Judging by the sneaky little tastings so far it will be lush. grin

rubyw Sun 03-Jul-11 15:45:54

Carrotsandcelery Sun 03-Jul-11 17:47:20

The lollies look lovely. Need to get some lolly moulds first and more freezer space!

CroissantNeuf Sun 03-Jul-11 17:50:58

My Gran used to make blackcurrant jam that was my favourite as a child.

We also used to add hot water to it to make a hot blackcurrant drink

<goes all dreamily nostalgic> smile

Ponders Sun 03-Jul-11 18:02:29

ooooh, the semifreddo grin recipe looks lush, my currants are still in the fridge, I'll get some mascarpone & custard tomorrow!!!!

Carrotsandcelery Sun 03-Jul-11 20:44:24

I bought mascarpone and custard today and promptly dropped the custard on the kitchen floor. shock

It was a 500g tub and I don't think I need that much though so it may not be unsalvagable.

I also learned that it is MAScarpone and not MARscapone as I had been calling it! blush

Taffeta Mon 04-Jul-11 17:58:59

Freeze them! I freeze ours every year. I make a blackcurrant pie with very short buttery pastry and then freeze the rest to use in crumbles and pies in the winter.

They are also fab in trifle - cook down with a little sugar and framboise or blackcurrant liqueur, pour over small chunks of madiera, top with custard and a little cream. Mmmmmmmm

Ponyproblem Tue 05-Jul-11 12:51:58

The semifreddo is in the freezer - I am looking forward to my meal tonight grin

I think I will freeze some Taffeta as I want to try the cheesecake purple suggested but suspect two cheesecakes in one week is a bit extreme.

The sorbet, made without the gelatine, was gorgeous and made enough for us to have a serving each (4 of us) the other day and still have another serving each in the freezer.

Carrotsandcelery Tue 05-Jul-11 22:10:08

Semifreddo is divine.

I have a freezer full of puddings as dd made mango and passion fruit sorbet as well grin

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