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vegetable tart advice needed for tonight please!!

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missingmyflatbelly Sat 02-Jul-11 14:51:25


im going to make this recipe from the mumsnet recipe section. do you think i need to cook the veggies first? and what combo do you think would work, the veggies i have are courgette, aubergine, leek, onions, sugar snap peas, tinned sweetcorn, frozen peas, frozen brocolli, frozen cauli, and maybe some tinned carrots.
thanks smile

LakeFlyPie Sat 02-Jul-11 15:06:33

I would roast the courgette, aubergine, leek, and onion first and then pile them on top of the pastry before baking.
Don't think I'd use the other veg in the tart, maybe serve them on the side?

Recipe looks delicious, I do a similar one which I think is a Good Food recipe.

Pre rolled puff pastry scored 2cm around the edge with pesto or sun dried tom paste spread inside the score line and then roasted veg piled on top with some sliced or wedged tomatoes and baked until pastry is golden. Very quick and easy.

missingmyflatbelly Sat 02-Jul-11 16:04:06

mmm that sounds like a good mix, will give that a try- thanks! do you put a puff pastry lid on too? i was going to use puff pastry instead of shortcrust anyway- sounds like its going to end up more like your recipe smile

missingmyflatbelly Sat 02-Jul-11 19:25:27

while making this i realised your tart is an open tart so my last question doesn't really make sense! anyway i made a combination of both recipes, an open tart with roast veggies but with creme fraiche as well. it looks lovely and am just waiting for dh before we tuck in smile thanks!!

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