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No gluten or dairy free subject titles, allergies on the up, why not??

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myar Fri 01-Jul-11 15:33:24

Gleetings people, this is my 2nd posting in the whole wide world so please forgive any poor netiquette. Gluten and dairy issues seriously effect health and behaviour but i can't seem to find 'owt on ere.
concerning as the average time duration from sympton to diagnosis for coeliacs disease is 13 years!! So its an easy one to spot but just as easy to overlook. There has been a HUGE serge in diagnosis in the last few years which is why Warburtons has started making gf bread etc so why is there no info/recipes on mumsnet, or have i not seen them 'coz i is wearing L plates??
I stink there should be a gurt topic heading called COELIACS or ALLERGIES or SPECIAL DIETS or SUMMAT!!!!
ps. Dairy free chocolate, to someone who HAS tasted the cow flavour, tastes rather dissapointing....sob.
pps. How does one use the smileys?

fraktious Sat 02-Jul-11 14:50:02

There is an allergies section under health. And if you search for recipes (not the talk section here) you can specify dairy free etc.

As for smilies type in [ grin ] without the spaces to get grin. There are instructions by the reply box where you type the message.

missingmyflatbelly Sun 03-Jul-11 16:48:47

There are threads sometimes about dairy free and gluten free. My mil is coeliac so I do tend to notice when they come up, and they do. I know what you mean about an actual forum about itbut tbh I've noticed some things will get a better response if they are posted in forums with higher traffic even if there is a dedicated forum.for example I've posted about slings in both the slings forum and the breastfeeding forum ( random I know but there was some logic behind it at the time!) and got more replies on the bf forum. But anyway if you do feel strongly about it you could write to MN. I think they are open to suggestion. I'd definitely look at such a forum now and then were it to exist.

MoreBeta Sun 03-Jul-11 17:02:13

myar - there are lots of threads in Health on coeliac where people talk about food. I eat a strict gluten and lactose free diet after years of ill health. Cook all my own food. Its the only way of being sure as so many shop bought foods contain gluten and lactose.

Glutenfreehelp Mon 04-Jul-11 23:46:20


Coeliac disease is indeed a serious condition which can lead to complications such as osteoporosis and following a gluten free diet is the only way to treat the illness.

It can sometimes be difficult to find the information that you need, and not all information has been properly researched. As a result me and my husband decided to create the gluten free help website to help all those that need some help or guidance.

My husband suffers with coeliac disease and I understand the difficulties involved from preparing meals and cross contamination issues to the pitfalls of eating out and going on holiday etc.

It should be borne in mind that anyone diagnosed with coeliac disease is entitled to obtain gluten free food products via prescription such as bread, pasta, flours, cakes (some brands admittedly are better than others!) which greatly help in preparing your own recipes at home. Do not forget that manufacturers of food products are under legal obligation to correctly label their products indicating if gluten is present.

Having said that you should not be deprived of eating out and one of our aims is to provide advice relating to eating out, and our ambition is to build a directory of restaurants and takeaways offering gluten free food. If you have any favourite places to eat out then do let me know so we can spread the word. Similarly, if you have any recipes then feel free to post them here and on the recently launched glutenfreehelp forum. If you have something on your mind that you want to share with others then please do, and create your own forum topic.

I'm here to help!


Bumply Tue 05-Jul-11 00:51:46

If I've got questions on being gluten free (for ds 2) I normally go to as I figure a dedicated forum is going to get a greater variety of answers.

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