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I can't tell if my banana bread is cooked :-(

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cherryboomboom Wed 29-Jun-11 18:58:25

After being in the oven for 1hour & 15 mins my banana bread wasn't cooked so covered with foil and put it back in until the knife came out clean (another 30/45mins!!).
The kids were being impatient so I cut some before it was cooled but I am not sure if it is cooked!
The crust is like cake/bread but the inside is very squidgy. It doesn't look like raw cake mix, but it is not solid either.
- Am I going to poison everyone if I let them eat it?
- Would letting it cool make alot of difference?
- What went wrong?
- Has anyone got a good recipe?

satine Wed 29-Jun-11 19:06:27

Given the amount of raw cake mix I've eaten over the years, you won't poison anyone - cooking for that long would kill any bugs! You will taste if it's uncooked, believe me!

bigTillyMint Wed 29-Jun-11 19:08:37

It won't poison you! It may cool and set firmer - be patient!

It sounds like maybe the tin was too small for the amount of mixture or the oven the wrong temp?

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