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Pesky fridge/freezer been off

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LordOfTheFlies Wed 29-Jun-11 14:10:39

For about 16 hours yesterday and 4 hours today.(It was on for 4 hours this morning)

Have put the sausages and chicken portions ( which were in freezer vacuum bag things and still frozen solid) in the garage freezer yesterday evening.

Would the cheese in the fridge be okay? Its gone a bit rubberry (still sealed package). I've thrown alot of stuff away.
I reckon the eggs should be okay as lots of people keep them at room temp anyway.

Fifis25StottieCakes Thu 30-Jun-11 01:31:04

is it a BEKO?

LordOfTheFlies Thu 30-Jun-11 23:05:11

No it's a Whirlpool and it was a fuse that tripped so my fridge/freezer, dishwasher. washing machine, tumble drier ,microwave and kettle all threw a wobbly shock the fridge/freezer was actually innocent!
I had a Beko 9 years ago, bought it because it was cheap and I needed a fridge quickly. It was okay, I gave it away when I got new kitchen.

DH ate some of the cheddar and we ate the mozzerella tonight.So far so goodgrin

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