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meals which can be cooked in a microwave and don't need much washing up?

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Kveta Wed 29-Jun-11 14:08:34

we're going to have 2 weeks without a kitchen, and then possibly a week where it is limited use only, so all washing up to be done in the bath, and only a microwave and a Remoska for cooking with (yikes!) I need some meals that are one pot, preferably don't use much in the way of preparation, so all prepared in a bowl or on a single chopping board.

so far we have spanish omelettes (with frozen chopped veg), toad in the hole, and roast chicken with microwave rice and veg for Remoska meals, and baked potatoes with microwaved beans for a microwave meal. Does anyone have any other ideas? or suggestions for edible pre-prepared microwave meals?

I think I have a couple of pasta bakes in the freezer which I can do too, but need some food which isn't just pasta smile

Iggly Wed 29-Jun-11 18:37:13

Curries? Lasagne? Baked beans with tuna and mayo? Chunky soups padded out with pulses, potatoes and eat with cheese and bread. Can you have a BBQ of an evening?

Littlepurpleprincess Wed 29-Jun-11 20:30:55

Now I'm a strict, healthy eating, home-cooked only type but I beleive these situations are what ready meals were made for.

I would get a few ready meals, then keep it along the lines of jacket spuds and beans/tuna, something on toast.

As the weathers so warm you could do lighter 'picky' dinners, like cheese and crackers, wraps, healthy ish whispers cake........

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