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Is it okay to give my toddler fizzy mineral water?

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Helzapoppin Mon 27-Jun-11 16:28:01

Following on from the scary contents of Ribena thread, I've been trying to encourage my toddler (2.5) to drink more in the hot weather. She loves milk and dilute juice. She will reluctantly drink water and I sometimes add a splash of hi-juice but I know that's not great for the teeth either. I'm pregnant with a penchant for sparkling water in this hot weather and she's been crazing for it too. Is there any reason (apart from the financial, we're talking Highland Spring here!) that I can't give her a couple of cups a day?
Thanks smile

HopeForTheBest Mon 27-Jun-11 16:34:34

My ds (4) has always drunk it, completely normal here (Germany). I do buy a proper mineral one though, rather than a fizzed-up tap water type thing.

AKMD Wed 29-Jun-11 13:07:44

My mum's dentist told her it was as bad for teeth as Coca Cola hmm Not sure I believe that but it's worth googling.

FWIW DS loves carbonated water too and he's 16 months.

JenaiMarrHePlaysGuitar Wed 29-Jun-11 17:33:28

I've heard many times than sparkling water is not good for teeth but can't link to anything authoritative to confirm that.

I believe all sparkling water (regardless of how the bubbles got there) is quite acidic.

HopeForTheBest Wed 29-Jun-11 17:47:08

I believe it's flavoured sparkling water that is bad for teeth. Never heard anything about the plain, non-flavoured stuff.

HopeForTheBest Wed 29-Jun-11 19:35:33

Oh god, that sounded really smug blush.

Sorry. Was meant in totally non-smug way.

topsi Wed 29-Jun-11 20:15:53

i guess the bubbles are carbon dioxide which when disolved in water is acidic, this is just an educated guess by the way

franke Wed 29-Jun-11 20:18:49

HopeForTheBest - why is proper mineral water better than fizzed up tap water? Genuine question btw. We live in Germany and have just given up bottles of mineral water and bought a soda stream thingy. Now I'm wondering if we've done wrong...

HopeForTheBest Wed 29-Jun-11 21:16:05

No no, I didn't mean it was better, just that that was what we bought (because, after testing about a thousand different ones, we eventually found one that we all really like the taste and fizziness of).

Just been looking into this whole thing and have found this:

Does Carbonated Water Harm Your Teeth?
When carbon dioxide is dissolved in water, small amounts of carbonic acid are formed, making the water slightly more acidic. However, when researchers soaked human teeth in various still and sparkling waters, they found that neither were harmful to the teeth. As I talked about in my article on mineral water, most water—even tap water—contains small amounts of calcium and other minerals and these minerals buffer the effects of the carbonic acid and protect the tooth enamel.
This is not true of flavored soda water, by the way. The flavoring agents make the soda water significantly more acidic and these flavored seltzers could contribute to dental erosion. And of course, soft drinks like Coke and Pepsi are also quite acidic and will definitely erode tooth enamel. In the fifth grade, one of my classmates submitted a project for a science fair in which she placed some of her baby teeth in vials of Coke. Over the course of a few days, they largely disappeared. Her project, memorably titled “Rot Your Teeth,” won an Honorable Mention at the fairfair.
Drinking plain club soda, seltzer, or mineral water however, does not damage tooth enamel.

It seems the confusion comes from the fact that some people refer to "sparkling water" when they mean any fizzy drink that isn't coke, rather than just plain water that is bubbly iyswim.

franke Wed 29-Jun-11 21:20:29

Phew. Thanks HopeFor smile Actually we tried loads of different waters too and ended up settling on the Aldi one fgs. But in the end I just decided I'd had enough of all the empty bottles hanging around and fancied a change with the soda stream.

franke Wed 29-Jun-11 21:21:25

(And indeed there are about a thousand different ones to try here - I find the choice mind boggling)

diggingintheribs Wed 29-Jun-11 21:28:21

Interesting as it's all MIL has in the house (Germany). Was never sure about giving it. DS likes sparkling water now though so not a problem going forward

Of course this was a particular problem when she pulled the bottle out when I asked what I could make DS' formula with!

franke Wed 29-Jun-11 21:34:23

Fizzy formula! mmmmm, yummy grin

HopeForTheBest Wed 29-Jun-11 21:35:05

Can you control the fizziness of the soda stream one? I occasionally toy with the idea of getting one. I too hate the bottles filling up the cellar, and then having to schlep them back to the shop every week.
Although I have a cunning new mini-savings plan, where when I'm paying for the shopping I ask for the bottle deposit slip to be paid out in cash (rather than coming off the bill total). It then goes into its own little ziploc bag.
<worries about coming across as v. weird>

franke Wed 29-Jun-11 21:36:55

Actually, it's funny that many Germans I encounter seem to treat tap water like it's pure poison. If they do drink it they put it through their own elaborate filter system first.

franke Wed 29-Jun-11 21:40:31

You can control it in theory and I do prefer lightly sparkling to proper blow your nose off sparkling. It's not really an exact art though. The bottles supplied are about .5 litre so you don't make much at a time, which is fine because it doesn't really keep, but a bit of a schlep if there are several thirsty people around. It's fun for the kids though. And I'm looking forward to picking up some Tonic syrup next time I'm in the UK...

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