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Making chocolates

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moominthecorner Sun 26-Jun-11 20:03:26

DS1 (5) and I made chocolates today using a dr oetker kit I picked up cheap. Great fun but terrible chocolate. Which kind should I use and are there any good websites or tutorials you could recommend ? Thanks

ppeatfruit Mon 27-Jun-11 07:31:12

Delia Smith has good recipes for making chocolates in her christmas book. I always use the best 70% or over choc. and melt gently adding rice milk, fructose and other flavourings ( i don't eat dairy or high sugar). No doubt google would give you ideas.

bacon Mon 27-Jun-11 14:32:10

Chocolate is a massive market. Comes in slightly bitter, bitter, very bitter, pourable complexities, fruitness, world location ....endless. More to it than on the supermarket shelves

50%, 70%, 90%. You can still get excellent 50%. Sometimes using a too high cocoa content spoils a cake and can have a bitter edge also can make you feel sick.

You can buy proper couveture chocolate on e-bay/google etc.

Squires kitchen on the net does a lot of chocolate stuff. Heres an example of chocolate:

bacon Mon 27-Jun-11 14:36:11

here is the link for squires and some useful info, you tube also good.

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