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Jelly moulds, do i need loads?

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storminabuttercup Tue 21-Jun-11 21:48:33

I've never made jelly <sheltered> but i fancy doing some in nice moulds for DS's birthday, so i've looked for the moulds and they arent cheap (on a budget) we would be looking at 3 quid ish for 3 of the shape i want and i need to make about 15 shock do i need 15 moulds or can i use the same ones and let them set, put on 'summat' and make more or will that take forever?

Come on you party experts help a numpty out!

LordOfTheFlies Wed 22-Jun-11 00:20:19

I bought one for dds birthday, its a ring mould (red) with a centre part you can take out. Got it from Sainsb about £3-£4 i think.
I gave it a trial run with Traffic Light Jelly-lime,orange,raspberry.
Made up jellies to just under the pint to make it denser. Mould took the three jellies easily.
Dunked it into boiling water for 30 seconds, came out brilliantly.We cut it into slices, looked really nice.Although jelly colour is a bit more wishy washy compared to when I was a child hmm

Individual jellies look nicer but as you say there are expensive, especially if you need 15!

ChunkyPickle Wed 22-Jun-11 00:29:31

You could do 15 with three separate ones, BUT it will take ages, and although they'll survive in the fridge it only takes dropping/putting something on top of one and you're starting over again - and Jelly isn't the most co-operative of foods.

I suppose at least you can re-do a jelly in case of squashing or whatever, as long as it's not covered in crumbs at least though

I have very fond memories of traffic light jelly at parties.. I'm almost sad that you just can't get the same colours these days (whilst trying not to think about what I must have been ingesting)

storminabuttercup Wed 22-Jun-11 08:21:20

i love the idea of the traffic light one! sorted! cheers!

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