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I need help with a dinner party and a slovakian recipies

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forestfly Wed 08-Oct-03 13:58:44

I have someone coming for dinner tommorow whos homesick for Slovakia. Stupidly i said i cook her something traditional to cheer her up! Any ideas on Checq (sorry cant remember how to spell it) or Slovakian food ? What have i done!

donnie Wed 08-Oct-03 14:09:15

it's Czech I think! don't know any specific recipes but I know rich stews with beef or lamb, red wine and onions ( a bit like goulash) are quite typical.No chips though, sob...the other thing is smoked fish I believe.

forestfly Wed 08-Oct-03 14:13:31

Feel really stupid seeing it written properly! Of course its Czech . It sounds so boring a casserole!

Crunchie Wed 08-Oct-03 14:21:00

Do a google search for Slovakian recipes (uk pages) I am too lazy to do the links but it came up with loads.

forestfly Wed 08-Oct-03 14:24:05

Just did it thanks it came up with Tripe soup, liver dumplings etc. think i just might make steak

sykes Wed 08-Oct-03 14:27:08

Tripe soup??? Actually, my dad used to eat tripe. It is cow's belly, isn't it?

prufrock Wed 08-Oct-03 14:30:37

try vlado

forestfly Wed 08-Oct-03 14:33:49

Whatever it is im not making it Sykes!
Thanks Pru. that looks a lot better ill look in more detail later.

donnie Wed 08-Oct-03 14:34:15

maybe you could just drink large amounts of vodka ot bull's blood instead!

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