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Giant Cupcake tin recipie/tips

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SillyDolly Mon 20-Jun-11 15:43:11

Sorry to post in two separate areas, but just noticed is busier here than the recipes thread!

Can anyone recommend a good sponge recipe for one of those Giant Cupcake tins?

The one that came with it was American measures (cups - bah!!) and for a white chocolate cake - I just want a plain sponge cake and will then decorate to fancy it up.

I used the tin for be first time today, using my usual victoria sponge receipe (a la Delia) today, but it didn't come out at nice as it does when I make it in a square tin.

Also any tips from anyone who has one of these tins would be v. Helpful!!

Xiaoxiong Mon 20-Jun-11 16:26:19

I don't know about the tins, but american cup measurements are easy to convert. Just use your normal measuring cup, and fill up to the 250ml line with whatever you're needing one cup of.

2.5 cups flour = fill cup to 250ml line three times
2/3 cups sugar = fill cup to 165ml
1 cup butter = 250g butter

(this site is good for silly butter measurements like sticks and tablespoons)


I have heard that with the tins you need to bake for longer at a slightly lower temperature, as the cake is thicker. No personal experience though (sorry).

going Mon 20-Jun-11 16:28:02

I would make a madiera cake in that type of tin (have one but not used it).

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