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buttercream or royal icing for cupcakes?

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Rojak Mon 20-Jun-11 05:35:18

Help, I'm a baking novice!

I am making DS some cupcakes for his beach theme birthday. I found some cheap plastic flip flops which I want to put on top of the cupcakes.

Which icing is better for this? I am worried about the flip flops falling off the cupcakes?

I'm keener on buttercream as I think the kids will prefer this icing but worried it won't hold the flip flops.

Thanks! smile

shitmagnet Mon 20-Jun-11 05:39:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

savoycabbage Mon 20-Jun-11 05:50:31

I would do buttercream as it is easier and then I would dis the top in brown sugar so it looks like sand in the style of this one here

savoycabbage Mon 20-Jun-11 05:50:49


Rojak Mon 20-Jun-11 06:28:02

oh cool - that's a good idea for sand - I see she just has the toys sitting on top. So I could try "sand" and flip flop lying on top rather than trying to stick flip flop into icing.

Furball Mon 20-Jun-11 06:40:55

can I ask - where did you get the flip flops from?

Rojak Mon 20-Jun-11 06:48:18

I'm out in Asia! But I googled and they are similar to these which I think are used as partybag novelties?

Furball Mon 20-Jun-11 06:56:55

brilliant - thank you

nothruroad Mon 20-Jun-11 07:12:42

Little cocktail umbrellas are good on beach themed cakes too.

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