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Water cartons - where can I buy them?

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Allie Thu 11-Oct-01 06:54:41

My son's school has recently banned water bottles as they contain too much water for one drink and they are spilling. We have been forced back to sugary (or aspartamey) cartons as he doesn't drink milk. I have seen small water cartons with straws in motorway service stations but nver on sale. Anyone know where to but them? What a market opportunity!

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Dixie Thu 11-Oct-01 08:36:22

Can't help with the purchase of small water cartons but why not buy a few of the smaller fizzy pop bottles (loads at various supermarkets), you can empty out the contents and use them to fill with water each day?

Sorry if you already thought of that, just an idea, or have they banned bottles completely?

Marina Thu 11-Oct-01 10:50:09

Also can't help with water cartons themselves, but M & S do watered down apple and orange juice in cartons in their children's range.

Twink Thu 11-Oct-01 12:12:40

Lakeland have some small juice containers which might be some use. Product codes are 7151 and 1798

Alibubbles Thu 11-Oct-01 12:24:14

The lakeland ones are really good, but make sure you child knows how to position the flip up sucking bit, because if it doesn't line up correctly they can't get anything out! Good for not leaking, but little ones get frustrated !

Waitrose do water in small cartons, packs of 4 I think. White and green packaging.

Suew Thu 11-Oct-01 20:35:40

Personally I'd ask the school for a solution!

If they are going to effectively ban water and encourage the use of sugary products instead, they ought to have thought a little harder beforehand!

In fact, they could even turn it to their advantage by bulk buying and selling on. Or finding a catalogue which sold something suitable and distributing it to parents.

Batters Fri 12-Oct-01 09:07:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Copper Fri 12-Oct-01 10:29:59

John Lewis sell small water bottles, about carton size - they are about 50p. They are very sturdy, and freezable as well, so if you want you can use them as a chiller in a lunch box, or just semi-frozen to ensure a cold drink.

They also do the same bottle inside a lunch box (for about £3), held in place half way along the box by a couple of ridges. There's enough room on either side for sandwiches, yoghurts, crisps, apple etc. Very plain, very practical, very sturdy (Australian). They don't fall open like the big lunchboxes do, and the stuff tends to stay in place. You can also use the lid as a plate.

My kids have used them for years - they use those bags with the drawstring shoulder straps to carry them in. So we just change the bag every so often to get the latest look.

Wornout Fri 12-Oct-01 11:00:06

BHS had some sml water bottles going free with their lunch boxes, they are ideal for a sml glass of water. I am trying to wrack my brains where I saw a sml square carton with an attached straw, I am sure it is in one of the toddler catalogues that come through the door, if I find it I'll get back to you.

Allie Sun 04-Nov-01 10:58:09

Thanks for all the feedback. My kids have managed to leave every bottle in existence open, no mater how smart the closure, so I will try Waitroses online (we don't have them oop north!)
School has one drinking fountain and huge queues. I'm seriously thinking of a whip-round to instal a water cooler with those little cone-shaped cups like you get in gyms - that would get them drinking water. My boy comes home with dehydration headaches every week.Antone know where you get them/installation and running costs?

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Chanelno5 Sun 04-Nov-01 12:59:51

Allie - I was interested to read about the problems you are having with your child's school re. drinks/water. I am having a similar problem, although worse than yours, as my eldest's school does not allow them to take drinks in and they have to use the water fountain. A few of us are concerned about this because of the risk of dehydration causing headaches, impaired concentration and bladder/ kidney problems. I sent a message to Highland Spring Water via their website to see if they had any research on this subject before I decided to approach the Head, but so far they have not got back to me. Does anyone know where else I might get any research like this from? I'd also be interested in knowing the price of water coolers as perhaps this may be an option.

Alibubbles Mon 05-Nov-01 10:43:42

I have a watercooler in my home as my daughter(15) only drinks water, always has.
You can rent them for about £2 per week, or buy one outright. I paid about £150. it has a room temperature tap and a chilled water tap. It sits on the worksurface in the laundry room, the little ones I look after just help themselves. The bottles hold 19 litres and cost £5 each plus vat. We have 4 a week delivered (free) we all drink a lot more water since I have had it. Mine is from Rainpure express, the water is so pure you can use it to make up babies bottles without boiling it, unlike mineral or spring water. Their phone number is 0800 092 7777, you can have one on a free trial. they do cups etc if you want them as well.

ChrisThespur Tue 02-Jul-19 13:17:45

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

FawnDrench Tue 02-Jul-19 21:45:23

Why on earth have you resurrected a thread which is eighteen years old??

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