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Mysteries I have found in my freezer

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Jacksmania Sun 19-Jun-11 17:13:31

Note to self: cooking in batches and then not labeling what I've cooked is just silly. I should put a note on the freezer: no, idiot, you will NOT remember what it is based on its colour once it's frozen. LABEL IT!

Had a massive freezer clean-out last week. Found:

- mystery brown substance in container - revealed to be left-over chocolate icing

- mystery tan substances with mystery green substances - revealed to be a curry I made in the century before last. Note: peas and broccoli may freeze well for a week or so, but not a year or so.

- mystery stew. Several varieties. Fortunately all still good, but I have no idea what sort of meat they contain.

- fish freezer-burnt beyond recognition

Oh, and several toy cars belonging to DS. In the very back of the freezer. Because, um... he was worried about them spoiling??? grin

bigTillyMint Sun 19-Jun-11 19:22:18

Frozen car for tea anyone grin

After having a few freezer mysteries of my own, I now try to move all the stuff in the freezer round about once a month so that I can spot things before I have forgotten what they are - can't get into labelling. But DH is pretty good with pot-luck freezer teas grin

Jacksmania Mon 20-Jun-11 00:58:14

I've started saying to DH "would you like a mystery dinner from the freezer or something fresh" and he'll say yes or no depending on how adventurous he's feeling. grin
The thing is that anything in the freezer is going to go equally well with either rice, quinoa, couscous or pasta so any of those choices are safe, And mostly the veg is already in, too.

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