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cooking a gammon joint?

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mousymouse Sun 19-Jun-11 15:34:34

dh brought back a gammon joint from the market. boneless, about 1kg.
I have only ever cooked gammon steaks.
have sauerkraut and waxy spuds.

Bumbellina Sun 19-Jun-11 15:36:19

Ok. Here goes:
With cold water bring slowly to a simmer, when simmering check the water for salt content. If needed, renew water. When the water isnt too salty add carot, onion, and the usual suspects

Bumbellina Sun 19-Jun-11 15:37:05

Simmer softly for about 20 mins per 250 gr, so say 1hr15 or so.

Bumbellina Sun 19-Jun-11 15:38:10

It is basically cooked then. But best is a baked ham, so make a yummy mixture of marmelade with grown sugar and some ground cloves. Smear it all over and stick in ahot oven for app 30 mins.

hackingandhewing Sun 19-Jun-11 15:46:27

If it isn't too late, could you do it in cider? Mine is bubbling away right now and I will be bunging it in the oven as per Bumbelina's instructions with a marmalade glaze.

DH and my Dad are almost salivating already and we aren't eating until 6!!!!

We've also got mash, carrots, savoy cabbage and green beans.

RupertTheBear Sun 19-Jun-11 15:47:47

I like it done in the slow cooker. Cover with water. Leave all day.

mousymouse Sun 19-Jun-11 15:53:23

great, could I use honey for a glaze? my father is a beekeeper and we have more honey than we can use.

Bumbellina Sun 19-Jun-11 16:05:16

Absolutely! Honey is fab! You lucky such and so :-)
And cooking in cider is defo fantastic as well!!
Try a mixture of honey with some mustard .... mmmms <drooling> <now regretting the chicken that is in the oven>

mousymouse Sun 19-Jun-11 16:11:44

hmmm I am drooling as well.
really looking forward to this one.
I will caramelise onions to cook the sauerkraut with + roasted spuds.

Bumbellina Sun 19-Jun-11 16:17:27

M.mmmmm stick some fatty bacon in with the sauerkraut as you simmer it with low liquid (cider, w wine, mmmmm)

mousymouse Sun 19-Jun-11 16:20:20

I use apple juice for the sauerkraut and sweet caramelised onions.
a small tin of pinapple incl juice also works well.

CogitoErgoSometimes Sun 19-Jun-11 17:07:43

My method for gammon joints is a combination of simmering and roasting. Simmer in fresh water with a few peppercorns and a bayleaf for about 20mins per lb so that it is just cooked. Then - very important - leave in the water until it's cool enough to handle easily. This keeps it very moist. Drain, strip off the outer rind and leave a layer of fat over the joint. Score the fat, mix a little mustard and honey (or brown sugar) together and smear this over the fat with your hands. Roast in a hot oven for about 20 mins until the outside is caramelised the joint heated through.

Gay40 Sun 19-Jun-11 17:10:05

I just boil it to death in Dr Pepper. Can't go wrong.

mousymouse Sun 19-Jun-11 19:12:16

'twas delish. thanks ladies!
honey mustard, especially the chewy bit at the bottom of the pan.
sauerkraut looked a bit funny because I only had red onions left.

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