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Cream cheese frosting quantity

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Barbeasty Fri 17-Jun-11 13:40:16

I'm making a hungry caterpillar cake for DD's birthday and trying to work out how much icing I will need.

I've seen the recipe for 12 cup cakes, (300g icing sugar; 50g butter; 125g cream cheese) and it says to double to cover top and sides of normal sized cake.

Does this sound right?

The design uses 6 cakes (6 single layers or equivillant to the cake of 3 filled Victoria sponges IYSWIM), so just want to check before I make what should turn out to be 5.7kg of icing!!

gastrognome Fri 17-Jun-11 13:47:56

Hi, is that the hummingbird recipe? If so, then a single quantity is enough to cover the top and sides of a standard size cake, in my experience. First time I tried doubling the quantity there was far too much frosting - it would have been over an inch thick had I used it all on the cake. so I had masses left over.
It is delicious though!

Barbeasty Fri 17-Jun-11 14:44:36

It is, but found online on the Ocado site.

Very glad I checked!

In this case I think I'll start with the ordinary quantity the day before the birthday, and I can always make more on the day if it's needed.

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