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KP Frisps sent my dd blonkers!

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Jezabelle Thu 16-Jun-11 20:28:15

Well, I think they did! I have never seen her so out of control as she was tonight. We went to a friend's after school and she gave her a pack of Salt and Vinegar Frisps. Don't think she's ever had them before. I do give her crisps sometimes but avoid S&V flavour altogether as my youngest dd had a bit of a worrying lip swelling moment with a S&V crisp a year back.

On the way home and when at home she was screaming her head off in the street, (not entirely unheard of), and then, when home was yelling at me, threatening to throw things at me, slamming doors and point blank refusing to go up to her room when asked to. It probably went on for about an hour by which point she was completely exhausted and had lost both of her bedtime stories and a play date she was supposed to have next week. She's not an angel, but this was completely out of character.

It wasn't until she was eventually in bed and I sat crying on the sofa that it occurred to me that it may have been something in the crisps that made her behaviour quite so out of control. Have done a quick google but not too good at that and didn't turn up anything. Anyone have any experience of Frisp related melt dawns? Or should I prepare myself for a new. . . phase!! confused

AnyFuleKno Thu 16-Jun-11 20:30:36

is it wrong that this has really made me want some salt and vinegar crisps? grin

she was probably just tired

usualsuspect Thu 16-Jun-11 20:30:40

I'm sure it wasn't the Frisps

moragbellingham Sun 19-Jun-11 07:08:59

S&V Frisps make my lips swell up too they are ridiculously strong/have something unusual in them.
I get the same effect from a gigantic tub of salted popcorn aswell so think it maybe be just the actual salt quantity.

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