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Super healthy but super tasty

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noddyholder Tue 14-Jun-11 13:56:16

I need to do a super healthy diet for a few weeks as I had MRSA and the treatment has nearly killed me! I am completely free of it and for the first 2 days after the tablets i was ok but now as predicted by the doctors i feel terrible. I want to eat well but very healthy and not be tempted by rubbish just because I am tired Any suggestions recipes etc welcome

culturevulture Tue 14-Jun-11 14:01:20

Glad they sorted the MRSA, how nasty.

I'm trying to eat healthily and what has helped me when I fell tired and not like cooking is the merchant gourmet range, especially their ready-cooked white and red quinoa which you can eat hot or cold. I've been eating it with loads of beetroot, spring onions other salad veg and some tuna and beans. Super healthy!

Hope you feel better soon smile

iklboo Tue 14-Jun-11 14:02:06

Have a chicken dinner one day THEN
Stick the carcass in a slow cooker or casserole dish. Add a tin of chopped tomatoes, around 3/4 pint chicken stock & veg like chopped celery, onion, baby corn, peas (frozen is fine), some chorizo if you like it and maybe half a chilli.
Cook on a low heat for a couple of hours. 30 minutes before serving strip the meat off the carcass, cook some pasta & chuck it all in the pot.
A nice, hearty, healthy mediterranean style soup/broth.

You can do a chicken/noodle version. Stick the carcass in the casserole dish, add 3/4 - 1pint of chicken stock with the chopped veggies & a serving of dried noodles. Cook for a couple of hours until the noodles are soft.

iklboo Tue 14-Jun-11 14:02:38

Sorry - pressed 'send' too soon. Hope you are feeling better soon!

noddyholder Tue 14-Jun-11 14:17:33

Thanks those are both great!

CogitoErgoSometimes Tue 14-Jun-11 16:31:11

With the weather being nice and warm at the moment, I think you could make some fantastic salads that would be tasty and healthy at the same time. Less 'cooking' and more 'assembly'. Live food is richer in vitamins than dead food, and has probiotic properties that will help restore the natural flora (bacteria) of your gut - something that gets destroyed by courses of antibiotics.

The better quality the ingredients you use, the more flavoursome the outcome. Combining avocado with smoked salmon... parma ham with melon.... celery with walnuts and feta cheese.... grilled chicken and kiwifruit... If you cook plenty of baby new potatoes, let them cool and mix with plain greek yoghurt, chopped chives and mint, you've got a lovely, fresh potato salad that you can keep in the fridge and add as you need. Forget dreary old ice-berg (bleurrgh) and try baby leaf spinach, fresh rocket and other interesting leaves. Get hold of some fresh growing herbs (or plant some seed) and they have lots of magical properties. Good luck

shineoncrazydiam0nd Tue 14-Jun-11 18:19:25

Add blueberries to your breakfast cereal.

Make a salad of feta cheese, walnuts, nice tomatoes and drizzle oil over it

Eat whole nuts

Glad you feel better

Littlepurpleprincess Thu 16-Jun-11 20:21:36

Fruit smoothies? The big cartons of Innocent Smoothies are very often on special offer at the co-op, and it's 2 of your five a day.

For a healthy, filling snack I like chopped up banana and pro-biotic yoghurt.

Oats will really boast your energy.

Try eating a few nuts with fruit. They slow down the sugar rush from the sugar in the fruit or something if you eat them together, so you get more sustained energy.

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