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"Me size" plates

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RottenTiming Thu 09-Jun-11 14:04:20

I was reading somewhere about children being issued with a suitable sized plate to use so that it guides parents as to the correct portion size for a child.

I'd like to get hold of a couple of these as we only have "dinner" plates (30cm I think) and "tea" plates, our china didn't include desert or salad plates in the range.

How big are the "me size" plates, has anyone got one yet ?

What do you use for your children ? I'm thinking of getting some smaller plates to fool our eyes as dc1 (7) is a really good eater but has an adult size plate and hints that they have been short changed if there is any unfilled space showing but some extra flab has crept around their middle since they graduated to the adult size plate and despite mountains of exercise it isn't shifting.

Smash09 Thu 09-Jun-11 15:50:04

I think any 20cm plate is a good idea really - you should be able to find them to fit in with your normal preference of styles and colours rather than a slightly gimmicky one that highlights portion control. I think portion control should be almost an unconcious thing if that makes sense - other wise you DO feel like your getting mean amounts!

curlyredhead Thu 09-Jun-11 15:59:27

We just use side plate - got a set at ikea with dinner plates, side plates, bowls and large flat bowls - none of it very pricy. You could stand your other set down for a while, get a new set and have the dc have the side plates - they are a good size for my dds who are 3 and 6.

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