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How much mixture for an 8" square (9" round) cake?

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JoyceBarnaby Wed 01-Jun-11 10:51:26

I like using Delia's all-in-one sponge recipe and the original recipe uses a 3 egg mixture for 2 8" round cakes.

But I can't find anywhere how much mixture to use for one 9" round cake (which Delia says is the equivalent of an 8" square cake) or how long to cook it for?

Any thoughts welcome!

VeeBee3 Wed 01-Jun-11 12:10:41

I think for a 8" square (9" round) sponge it should be 450g butter/sugar/flour and 8 egg mixture, cooked for 60 minutes at 120C.


4merlyknownasSHD Wed 01-Jun-11 12:47:22

JB, most british recipes are for a medium egg, being 2 ozs per egg (or about 56gms) and the other ingredients for most cakes are based around the weight of the egg. If you switched to large eggs, and increased your ingredient weights on that, you should have the right quantity for your 9" pans (a 9" pan is approximately 25% bigger than an 8" pan). So instead of 2oz butter/sugar/flour for each medium egg. you would use 2.5oz for each large egg.

JoyceBarnaby Wed 01-Jun-11 23:17:33

Thanks for all that, ladies.

Vee - 120c seems very low - is that def? Thanks!!

4merlyknownasSHD Thu 02-Jun-11 11:52:44

I think Vee's 120 deg.C must be a typo as it equates to les than Gas Mark 1/2(half). More like 200 deg.C.

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