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Ideas needed for light lunch with friends please

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blabalalalablabla Tue 31-May-11 18:49:12

Have some friends coming over for lunch at the weekend and normally I'd be able to rustle up a nice lunch - however two are veggies and one is pg - I've wracked by brains to think of something nice but just can't think of anything that will suit everyone.

I'm also a little bit out of date about what you can eat whilst pg so don't want to give anything that is now on the avoid list!

Thank you smile

BikeRunSki Tue 31-May-11 18:57:03

Hummous, olives, posh dips, roast veg, nice salad (wash for pg lady) nice bread, nice cheese (not blue or brie/camembert/feta for pg lady), pickles etc. Maybe a quiche or little pies of some sort.

Fruit salad, meringues and ice cream for pud.

I am pg and veggie and would love that.

thereistheball Tue 31-May-11 19:23:00

Quiche! Roast some washed red peppers / courgettes in advance (do this the night before while you've got the oven on). Then get ready-made shortcrust pastry, put into quiche tin, trim, prick then spread generously w pesto. Mix the cold, chopped roast veg (onions also good here, esp red ones) into. mixture of beaten eggs and a glut of cream or milk, then pour into the pastry case. Arrange so it's roughly evenly spread then drench the lot in ready-grated Parmesan. Bake at 180 degrees for 40 mins or so (depending on the size of your tin.

(This is also delicious with chunks of feta, which I ate throughout my pregnancy provided it was made from pure sheep's milk).

Serve with green, washed salad, and a tomato salad with basil or minced raw red onion and balsamic.

crikeybadger Tue 31-May-11 19:28:50

This couscous dish is delish.
Has goats cheese on it which I ate through pregnancy, I think that's OK.

You can always serve it with falafel for something extra.

thereistheball Tue 31-May-11 19:29:55

Or baked ricotta: get lots of ricotta and mix with tons of finely chopped herbs, eg oregano, basil, parsley, rosemary, maybe even mint. Also some salt, pepper and lemon zest shavings (no pith). Divide between ramekins and put them onto one baking tray.

On a second baking tray, arrange whole vines of cherry tomatoes. You are aiming for strings of the things you can ick up and put directly onto people's plates. Bung on some unpeeled garlic cloves if you like. Drizzle both baking dishes with olive oil.

Bake them both for 20 minutes - you want the ricotta to be warmed through and slightly puffy, and the tomatoes to be just bursting their skins.

I ate this with cured ham (again while pg, probably shouldn't have but I was working on the principle that if something had been cured for 6 months or whatever, it wasn't going to be harbouring any nasties).

Serve with rocket (washed) covered with generous shavings of Parmesan (done yourself with the veg peeler).

thereistheball Tue 31-May-11 19:30:18

And bread!

thestringcheeseincident Tue 31-May-11 19:30:36

asparagus risotto.
They're in season at the moment and delicious.
With salad.

Big old white choc cheesecake and berries for pudding.

ColonelBrandonsBiggestGroupie Tue 31-May-11 20:41:49

How many of you will there be? I have a good baked risotto recipe but I don't think I'd trust it for more than six. I've been doing it with asparagus, jarred artichokes and broad beans lately and it is lovely. That and a rocket salad would be good. My dp and dd1 like some roasted little vine tomatoes with it too.

Or a spring vegetable lasagne (asparagus, broad beans etc and no tomato sauce) with salads.

Or yes to quiche.

Trifle for pud.

fergoose Tue 31-May-11 21:56:17

This is lovely - I put breadcrumbs on top too

LordOfTheFlies Wed 01-Jun-11 00:29:41

I do a spinach quiche-no no read on its delish.
Wholemeal pastry base, bake blind

Fresh spinach, steamed and well squeezed
Soft cheese with garlic and herbs-usually 200g
Grated cheddar
Mustard,pepper. No salt, its got enough.
Bake till firm.Eat cold best.
Its a lovely solid quiche,we have with potato salad,coleslaw,beetroot.

Did once try with frozen chopped spinech but it was too fine and looked like a cowpat.Not recommendedgrin

blabalalalablabla Wed 01-Jun-11 06:37:20

oooh - lovely - lots of suggestions thank you.
I was thinking about the quiche/tart route as I can do the prep before hand - but might go down the tapas/hummus route as well.

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