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Can I substitute cream for coconut milk in an indian recipe?

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EttiKetti Mon 30-May-11 06:36:55

DH really cannot stand coconut - he has tried and tried over the years but still hates it - so to make the recipe I want to, could I substitute cream? Its just a creamy curry really.....

Not sure if it will be ruined tho!

KnottyLocks Mon 30-May-11 07:44:11

Have you thought about yoghurt? It's used in many curries.

KnottyLocks Mon 30-May-11 08:06:48

The trouble with cream is that it is so rich, especially as often recipes state double cream rather than single because single cream is more likely to split.

EttiKetti Mon 30-May-11 08:33:09

ah yes yoghurt would be even better for me as I am not keen on creamy things smile brilliant thank you! I was tempted to put a teeny sachet of coconut milk in for the taste but DH will hate it unfortunately!

KnottyLocks Mon 30-May-11 11:10:32

You could add a tablespoon of ground almonds for a korma-like texture too.

The good thing about yoghurt is you can get away with using the low fat variety - not much difference in taste.

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