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Creme fraiche instead of soured cream in baked cheesecake?

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Aworryingtrend Fri 27-May-11 14:01:45

I couldnt get soured cream in the supermarket, can I use light creme fraiche in a baked cheesecake recipe do you think?


RockStockandTwoOpenBottles Fri 27-May-11 14:07:47

Absolutely, I find it very hard to get sour cream here, so tend to always use creme fraiche by default now.

bacon Sat 28-May-11 15:47:31

I never buy sour cream I just use single cream and add lemon juice.

TrillianAstra Sat 28-May-11 16:20:09

I would. I treat the two entirely interchangeably.

Mmmm, baked cheesecake!

Aworryingtrend Sun 29-May-11 19:05:15

Thanks all, am going to make it now!

Honneybunny Mon 30-May-11 19:48:48

mmm, love cheesecake. have recently rediscovered it, and have now got dh and ds-s hooked. today i made a mango and coconut (milk) baked cheesecake. no sour cream or creme fraiche in it, but a little can of coconut milk (175ml?). worked fine and was absolutely delicious! even my d-dad had two portions, after just stating that he doesn't really do puddings.

Aworryingtrend Thu 02-Jun-11 15:34:25

Honeybunny that sounds yum- DH loves mango so I would love to make it. Please could you post the recipe if you have time? Thanks

Mine was the white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake on the bbc good food website (sorry on phone and can't link!). It was delicious and very moreish, although the top cracked a little which spoiled presentation but certainly didn't affect the taste.

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