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Need a foodie gift that can be bought online - help please!

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thereistheball Thu 26-May-11 13:48:43

I am looking for something a bit unusual but also delicious for a foodie friend. He has savoury tastes rather than sweet. I am completely stuck for ideas. What foodie present would you most like to receive (by post)?

SofaQueen Thu 26-May-11 13:50:36

Where are you located?

thereistheball Thu 26-May-11 13:51:32

France, but am sending to London.

CogitoErgoSometimes Thu 26-May-11 14:51:44

If it was me I would relish being sent a little jar of the finest saffron, foie gras or maybe some gorgeous truffle in oil. All ridiculously expensive & indulgent but fabulous for a genuine foodie.

Timbachick Thu 26-May-11 15:10:59

Have a look at hampers. Loads of different styles/contents/sizes. Most of the major stores do them and you can control price.

thereistheball Thu 26-May-11 17:39:50

Thanks. He is a genuine foodie, but I am looking for something he doesn't know about as he's likely to have got himself everything he fancies. Alternatively, something for his (new) BBQ. Maybe some of this BBQ rub?

WipsGlitter Thu 26-May-11 17:43:21

Fortnum and Mason. Yum. Lots of choice.

NettoSuperstar Thu 26-May-11 17:45:15


Thirstysomething Mon 30-May-11 17:58:03

endless ideas here:
they are awesome

FrottageCod Mon 30-May-11 18:05:26

Botham's of Whitby have men hampers

tiokiko Mon 30-May-11 18:19:32

I like Luigis' mail order - lovely (mainly Italian) goodies, good range to choose from and a range of prices. Nice cheeses, salamis, truffles, oils etc.

Or if you want something more unusual how about some bits from Japanese Kitchen? Interesting things that you can't get in normal supermarkets.

thereistheball Tue 31-May-11 13:03:37

Thanks, these all look great.

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