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Rice Crispies for 3 yrs +?

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lucy123 Thu 25-Sep-03 19:54:05

Just a quick question.

I was in the supermarket eariler and noticed that (Spanish packs of ) Rice Crsipies now have "from 36 months" written on the front.

Where did that come from? Dd has enjoyed Rice crispies since she was about 12 months - either soaked in milk so they're soggy or dry (she *loves* dry cereal). Have I been hopelessly naive/irresponsible all this time? Whyever can't they have rice cripsies till 3? Surely they're no more of a choking risk that rusk or toast?

Hmm. Feel better now. I think I'll keep giving them to her anyway!

bunny2 Thu 25-Sep-03 20:19:12

Hi Lucy, how ru? Ds loves cereals inc rice crispies and I have no idea why they are not deemed suitable for under 36 months. I wouldnt worry about it. When's no2 due?

lucy123 Thu 25-Sep-03 20:28:53

Hi bunny2!

Next one due in January. I think that's why I've been worrying about this kind of thing today! I do sometimes feel like I am a bit slack at the mothing lark though - glad other people do this too!

Still, I'm much happier now we've moved to a town - at least I can *walk* to a supermarket in order to discover new messages on boxes of Rice Crispies! How's England?

bunny2 Thu 25-Sep-03 20:33:08

Nights are drawing in, summer is gone, the Lib Dems had a big victory in Brent, that sums it up really. We're all very well, madly decorating our derelict house in time for baby no2 ( due April). Where did you move to?

lucy123 Thu 25-Sep-03 20:41:38

Congratulations! I missed that message!

We moved to a smaller house in a medium sized town near Granada (as opposed to the tiny village we did live in). It is so much friendlier and the house is easier to manage (the other one was too draughty in winter). Plus we have ADSL at last!

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