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QUICK, HELP - sausages

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Gobbledigook Thu 03-Nov-05 17:34:39

Just cooked sausages in the oven - they've been in about 40 mins and very brown on the outside and look done. They are piping hot on the inside, but they look pink.

What d'you reckon.

The kids are going ballistic cos they are starving!

Furball Thu 03-Nov-05 17:36:49

should be done - have you got a microwave? You could bung em in for a few mins just to be sure

mandymac Thu 03-Nov-05 17:40:01

DH is king of sausages in our house - oooh er missus . He says - of course they can still be pink. 40 mins is loads of time - they will be cooked.

Gobbledigook Thu 03-Nov-05 18:40:29

Hmm, after mandy's post I decided they'd be OK as I'd put them in for an extra 10 mins. They were still pink but I put them on the plates but when I ate some of mine it didn't taste right. So we abandoned them! Ds1 had a couple of bites so hope he's not ill!

Gobbledigook Thu 03-Nov-05 18:40:52

Btw, we have these sausages every week and I don't recall them being pink before so not sure what went wrong.

mandymac Fri 04-Nov-05 11:56:58

Oh God have I (well DH) poisened you all???? . Sorry, we buy sausages made by our local butcher and only cook them for about 25 - 30 mins usually (10 mins browning in pan and then we finish them in the oven). They are always still pretty pink in middle (but not raw looking iyswim), just a sort of pink colour a bit like cooked bacon (assuming pork sausages) still nice and tender and not dried out. But if they were looking different than normal you were obviously best to use your own judgement and chuck them. Are you and ds ok?

GeorginaA Fri 04-Nov-05 12:11:24

We have richmond sausages and I always have the same dilemma every damn time I cook them - they always look pink in the middle!

Have come to the conclusion that's just their colour, and as long as I'm happy they've had a reasonable time cooking that they're safe.

It's a worry though, isn't it?!

richiep40 Sun 23-Feb-14 18:56:21

Get a probe thermometer, takes the guessing out of it, you won't end up poisoning anyone and (and from my point of view more importantly) you won't incinerate things.

I even use it now for something as simple as steaks. Various authorities will give you recommendations, just be wary of the US authorities, they tend to be over cautious (and their rules are mandatory in restaurants). Recently they reduced the temperature for pork by a full 10 deg C. A lot of European cooks in New York refuse to cook lamb over there, as they consider to serve lamb decently, they would be breaking the law.

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