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Birthday Food/Party Ideas for First Birthday

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Aussie Fri 28-Sep-01 07:01:26

Any suggestions for my daughter's first birthday gratefully accepted. What have others done that's been successful? We're just having a small family do with adults and one other toddler.

Wornout Fri 28-Sep-01 08:28:06

I found any small finger foods worked well. Fingers of sandwiches,cheese, toasted pitta bread
small boxes of raisins, mini crackers and pots of fromage frais. For the adults I bought two large tin foil trays and made a couple of lasagnes and just added french bread.

Joe Fri 28-Sep-01 08:46:45

My son turned one a couple of weeks ago and we just had grandparents and his auntie round for a tea. I just did jelly and ice cream, chocolate fingers, bread with hundreds and thousands etc, just really kiddie party food, the adults loved it and of course a little blue train cake.

Marina Fri 28-Sep-01 09:40:45

Joe has a point. Make sure you buy enough mini jam tarts for ALL the guests...I think having a small number of familiar adults with one other child for entertainment value is just the right way to go. Have a lovely day.
PS the adults appreciated some wine...

Donna247 Wed 31-Oct-01 21:22:03

i would like some ideas for a 2nd birthday party plz
and her birthday is straight after xmas

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