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Greek yougurt left out of fridge overnight-safe to eat or use for cooking?

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eugenefitzherbert Tue 05-Apr-11 14:13:53

I left an almost full tub of greek yogurt out last night. Thinking of using it in a yogurt cake - I presume it would be ok to use in cooking - or would it?


thisisyesterday Tue 05-Apr-11 14:14:48

i would use it, as long as it smells ok.
your kitchen probably isn't that hot overnight anyway is it?

Francagoestohollywood Tue 05-Apr-11 14:28:37

It should be OK, unless you live somewhere incredibly or just hot.

DonaAna Tue 05-Apr-11 17:44:17

Yogurt was invented by some ancient nomads to keep milk safe in room temperature. Unless it smells revolting, it's ok. Yogurt is actually made that way (milk left overnight or longer to ferment in hot room temperature).

bibbitybobbityhat Tue 05-Apr-11 17:45:16


CointreauVersial Tue 05-Apr-11 17:46:55

Yogurt lasts for ever; I regularly end up eating it 3 or 4 weeks after the sell-by date.

SueV14 Thu 07-May-15 07:25:19

It thought I'd post on here rather than doing a whole new thread on the question I have. I made a cold yogurt based veggie soup yesterday (uncooked) at ca. 6 pm and forgot to put it in the fridge over night... Only remembered at 6 am today, so all together it was 12h at room temp in my kitchen. In a pot with lid on. Do you think it is still ok to eat?? I would hate to throw it away as I don't make it so often and love it!! Help!!!!

SueV14 Thu 07-May-15 07:25:49

P.S.: I'm 27 weeks pregnant

whois Thu 07-May-15 10:22:59

Yes look at it and smell it - bad yog is v obvious.

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