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What yummy things can I put in flapjacks?

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Cattleprod Tue 05-Apr-11 09:24:00

I have a very dull flapjack recipe that is basically just oats and golden syrup. I've eaten loads of gorgeous flapjacks over the years containing all manner of scrummy ingredients. So what can I add to my recipe to make it more exciting? What secret ingredients do you put in your flapjacks to make them taste amazing?


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Cattleprod Tue 05-Apr-11 09:48:12

I've got chocolate chips and dried apricots so far...

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TaffetaCat Tue 05-Apr-11 10:01:41

I like orange zest, vanilla extract and desiccated or sweetened dried coconut.

ChaosTrulyReigns Tue 05-Apr-11 10:03:28

Oh I put chocolate raisins and/or chocolate peanuts in. Delicious.

pod3030 Tue 05-Apr-11 10:11:49

hazelnuts, crystalised ginger , raisins, dates,

Danthe4th Tue 05-Apr-11 10:13:52

grated apple makes it nice and soft for young children

Cattleprod Tue 05-Apr-11 10:18:22

Ooh thanks - some things here that I wouldn't have thought of!

Can I put honey in, or would that just make a sticky mess?

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sockmonkey Tue 05-Apr-11 10:27:13

Orange zest, raisins & a bit of mixed spice is one of my favourites.

TaffetaCat Tue 05-Apr-11 10:33:39

You could replace some of the golden syrup with honey I guess, not sure how well it binds it tho so just do a little

DilysPrice Tue 05-Apr-11 10:35:18

Sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, chopped hazelnuts.

KnitterNotTwitter Tue 05-Apr-11 10:36:38

glace cherries

sultanas etc...

EauRouge Tue 05-Apr-11 10:41:27

Cherries and almonds
Milk or dark choc chips and orange zest
White choc chips and dried cranberries or raspberries
Raisins and cinnamon

I am going to have to make flapjacks now, grrr.

Millie1 Tue 05-Apr-11 21:31:31

Desiccated coconut - lovely!

SexyDomesticatedDab Wed 06-Apr-11 13:06:31

Pretty much as above and we collect those last bits of cereals that go a bit powdry and add those in too - the Lidls Flakes with Strawberry bits are very yum in the flapjacks.

shrinkingnora Wed 06-Apr-11 13:26:11

Stem ginger and dried apricots and small chunks of green and blacks 80% cocoa.

Dates and walnuts.

Pumpkin/sunflower/sesame seeds.

Peanut butter.

Grated apple and cinnamon.

I am now very hungry grin

shrinkingnora Wed 06-Apr-11 13:28:07

I am now going to make some with chocolate raisins in. Thanks Chaos, sounds divine!

ReshapeWhileDamp Wed 06-Apr-11 19:13:19

The BEST additions are pine nuts and lumps of stem ginger (the sort in jars with syrup). IMO. grin Actually, just add stem ginger cubes and dark choc bits and you'll find flapjack nirvana.

The River Cottage Family Cookbook has a fab citrussy flapjack recipe, though when I make them, I do find that they fall apart. More butter needed??

MollieO Wed 06-Apr-11 19:17:00

Condensed or evaporated milk - one of them but I can't remember which one. There is a lovely flapjack recipe on MN if you do a search.

Gently Wed 06-Apr-11 19:23:30

I make granola bar type flapjacks, with oats, crisped rice, butter, honey/golden syrup, and some or all of these depending on what I have: goji berries, chopped dried apricot and mango, grated apple, dried cranberries, chopped hazelnuts, flaked almonds, peanut butter, sesame and pumpkin and sunflower seeds, plain or white choc chips. Super-healthy snacking!

TaffetaCat Wed 06-Apr-11 20:20:03

Mollie - its SoupDragon's and its condensed milk. They are wonderfully squidgy and never, ever fall apart.

Flisspaps Wed 06-Apr-11 20:20:37

raisins, cranberries

Mrsfluff Wed 06-Apr-11 20:24:06

My friend adds pumpkin seeds and Brazil nuts and they are yum grin

Bumperlicioso Thu 07-Apr-11 07:30:05

Posting to remind me to make some flapjack

Cattleprod Thu 07-Apr-11 12:08:22

Well I made them!!!

I used some of your suggestions - basically anything vaguely flapjacky that I had in the house, so....

soft brown sugar
golden syrup
pumpkin seeds
apple (tried to grate it and it disappeared, so chopped it instead)
orange zest
vanilla essence
Christmas Spice (best before end 2004!)
choc chips
dried apricots
chopped brazil nuts

Was delicious, even if it did weld itself to the baking tray and crumble into muesli when you pick it up!!!

Might have another piece now...

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