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Casserole tasting slightly bitter - v quick help pls!

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Waswondering Sun 30-Oct-05 16:46:48

hello, anyone help quickly?

I have a beef borginogne (can't spell, sorry) in the oven which is tasting a little bitter. In laws will be here in about 15 mins. Any suggestions to just take off the slightly bitter edge?

Ingredients are: beef marinated in red wine for 24 hours, then drained, browned, onions, mushrooms, more wine, a little passata and seasoning. What should I add? Smells wonderful but just a little bitter iykwim!


moondog Sun 30-Oct-05 16:48:32

Ingredients sound great. Wine does give a bitter edge to stuff but hey,I like it (as do millions of others.)
Tablespoon of sugar should smooth it a little.

colditz Sun 30-Oct-05 16:48:51


Try scooping a bit out into a bowl, and stiiring some brown sugar in. Taste it, and if it works, do it to the lot.

mancmum Sun 30-Oct-05 16:49:57

yes sugar... most chefs add a tsp to things that have tomatoes in them... if it works for them....

iota Sun 30-Oct-05 16:50:39

how long has it been cokking for? needs at least a couple of hours to cook the wine and mellow it

Waswondering Sun 30-Oct-05 16:50:50

I wondered about a spoonful of sugar but wasn't sure if that was a bit off the wall.

Might try it.

(Need to impress and all that, esp as they are 4 hours late because their boat was cancelled at 8am, poor souls, and they were thus 2 hours late getting to Stranraer! I think they've had a long day)

Waswondering Sun 30-Oct-05 16:51:48

It's been in the oven since 3ish, at 130C, and we'll eat after ds is in bed, around 7ish. Might it mellow then of its own accord?

colditz Sun 30-Oct-05 16:52:26


Are you serving it with <<slurp>> crusty bread?

Please say no..... I have a pregnancy bump that is mostly full of bread..

Waswondering Sun 30-Oct-05 16:52:50

Buttery mash, broccoli and carrots probably!

moondog Sun 30-Oct-05 16:53:57

Oooh wonderful cold weather food.
(With lashings of wine to slurp one hopes??)

Waswondering Sun 30-Oct-05 16:54:35


(Champagne first of course, as we haven't seen them for a while)

colditz Sun 30-Oct-05 16:54:50

I would stick a bit of sugar in any way, it won't hurt.

iota Sun 30-Oct-05 16:54:57

the recipe we use has leeks and carrots in the stew plus a bouquet garni of fresh herbs (usually parsley, thyme, bay leaf and rosemary)

longer cooking usually mellows the flavour

moondog Sun 30-Oct-05 16:55:11


Pudding being served too???

iota Sun 30-Oct-05 16:56:15

...and smoked bacon (lardons)

Waswondering Sun 30-Oct-05 16:56:18

Yeah, a meringue roulade thing (home made, naturally) stuffed with Green and Black's choc spread and double cream.


moondog Sun 30-Oct-05 17:02:52

Bon Appetit

Sounds divine...

Waswondering Sun 30-Oct-05 17:04:07

Merci beaucoup!

beansontoast Sun 30-Oct-05 17:10:07

im in the same boat..and have just added a splash of really sweet balsamic vinegar and moved it onto the hob!


highlander Sun 30-Oct-05 17:11:24

<starts knawing furniture>

sounds yuuuuuuuuuuuummy!!

salsakim Tue 26-Jan-16 14:17:03

Hi ,I have made a beef stew that tastes very bitter. it was made in t slow cooker, ingredients -brisket, onions carrot potato celery canned tomato tomato puree cabbage dried bean mix extra brown lentils bay leafx2 tsp marmite 2x beef oxo splash of soya sauce.
any idias as to what has gone wrong n how to rectify it pls

Destinysdaughter Tue 26-Jan-16 14:24:18

I saw on 'Sunday Brunch' that if you're cooking with wine/ tom purée you need to 'cook it out' ( ie add it at the start of cooking and cook for about 5/7 mins ) otherwise it will taste bitter. So maybe it's not good to use a slow cooker when using a recipe with tomato purée. ( not meant as a criticism btw) Maybe add some sugar?

user1473762302 Wed 09-Nov-16 09:54:09

I have just done the same with soy sauce, thought it had one of those things in the top to splash into the goo but no, so a good 3 tbs of the stuff went into the chicken stock (miaow guess who ate most of the chicken!!?), it is really bitter, keep tasting it hoping that it will settle down but no. Did you use sugar?

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