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Rachel de Thample - Less Meat, More Veg

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loomer Thu 17-Feb-11 19:29:23

I'm really enjoying trying recipes from this book, but I've started to notice that she never talks about seasoning - do you think this is intentional? I've been tasting and adding if I think necessary and so far it's not needed much, but I just wondered if anyone knows why she doesn't list salt and pepper - or even mention "season to taste" at the end of her recipes?

Mummy2Bookie Sat 19-Feb-11 12:28:52

Isn't she health freak? Probably explains why

dethample Sat 19-Feb-11 12:33:08

Hello there.
Rachel (de Thample) here. I just saw your post and thought I'd respond. Thank you for flagging this. I list salt and pepper in a good few of the recipes but I just had a quick flick through, and you're right - not all of them include salt and pepper in the ingredient list and I didn't really say to 'season to taste' in a lot of them. It's a good thing to keep in mind as it's not always instinctive. Thank you again. I do hope you're enjoying the recipes and do let me know if you have any further queries.
Very best wishes,

Mummy2Bookie Mon 21-Feb-11 13:52:12

Very suspicious post

applechutney Mon 21-Feb-11 14:31:20

Why is the post suspicious?

Perhaps she was googling and this popped up.

It sounds totally genuine to me.

Mummy2Bookie Mon 21-Feb-11 15:20:01

Guess I'm just a naturally suspicious person

loomer Mon 20-Jun-11 16:53:09

Just updating my original post to say how frequently I am still using this book - the chorizo stew in particular has become a weekly staple in our house - so delicious, if I can keep my husband's mitts off the chorizo long enough to get it in the pot!

And I'm very excited that Rachel replied personally to the original query - not many chefs would be able to respond in this way, or interested in doing so - thanks!

piebald Tue 21-Jun-11 16:00:24

Like the sound of chorizo stew, am off to look up the book. I have never heard of her

electricslide Mon 27-Jun-11 14:09:05

I love the pineapple fried rice, it's brilliant for using up pork leftovers. We enjoyed the curry too.

piebald Tue 28-Jun-11 21:23:31

Bought it today for a birthday present and made (without splashing the pages!) chorizo stew 2 of us liked it and i had to promise other 2 i wouldnt make it again! ( that happens a lot) Although they did eat it and really are pretty lazy about trying new things.
There are some nice recipes in the book

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