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What are your best 3/4/5 ingredient recipes?

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candleshoe Thu 10-Feb-11 12:56:16

My current favourite is:

350g pkt. spaghetti (cooked as on pkt.)
12 rashers of steaky smoked bacon (diced and fried till brown)
150g pine nuts (dry fried in non-stick pan till golden)
190g jar of sun-dried tomato pesto

When pasta is ready stir in tomato pesto, toasted pine nuts and fried bacon and serve!!

Yum smile

I sometimes add cougettes too (2/3 of them cut into julienne strips/matchsticks and boiled for 3 mins in with spaghetti)

comewhinewithme Thu 10-Feb-11 13:00:02

Sausage (chopped into small pieces)
Chopped onions
Two tins chopped tomatoes.

Put sausages and onions in an ovenproof dish pour over toms and put in oven for an hour.


Boil pasta and chop everything else up and fry in pan.
Pour cream into frying pan when bacon/onion/mushrooms are cooked and cook for 5 mins more.
Drain pasta and pour cream mixture into pasta and serve.

candleshoe Thu 10-Feb-11 13:19:57

Sounds yummy comewhinewithme

<writes shopping list and waits with pen poised for more>

Cheese and Herb pate is good too:

150g butter melted and cooled
450g philidelphia/cream cheese
3 cloves garlic crushed
1tbsp finely chopped flat leaf parsley
2tbsp finely chopped chives

Mix cheese, crushed garlic, parsley and chives together.
Fold the melted butter into the cream cheese mixture. (Carefully or it could curdle)
Transfer to a loaf tin/serving dish and put in fridge to chill.

Serve with salad leaves and melba toast as a starter.

Tillyscoutsmum Thu 10-Feb-11 13:24:32

Creme Fraiche
Lemon juice

candleshoe Thu 10-Feb-11 13:26:25

Hi Tilly, smoked or fresh salmon?

BertieBotts Thu 10-Feb-11 13:29:48



Similar to CWWM - sausages and tinned tomatoes poured over pasta. Cook pasta with half a vegetable or chicken stock cube in the water. Yum.

BornToFolk Thu 10-Feb-11 13:30:31

mascapone, double cream, chocolate, Crunchie bars make the best pudding ever.

Recipe here

On a slightly healthier note - pasta, pesto, soft cheese and peas is a quick tasty dinner.

candleshoe Thu 10-Feb-11 13:32:08

nom nom nom
<dribbles unattractively>

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 10-Feb-11 13:35:12



Chicken foo yong

Soy Sauce
5 spice

BuntingHill Thu 10-Feb-11 13:40:59

Easy Chicken Nuggets:

2 chicken breasts cut into bite-size pieces
130g (1 cup) breadcrumbs or Ritz cracker crumbs
130g (half a cup) mayonaise
1 tbsp melted butter/oil

preheat oven to 180 C
coat chicken with mayo and roll in crumbs
lay on lined baking tray
drizzle with butter/oil
bake for 20 mins

candleshoe Thu 10-Feb-11 13:44:57

I also like cheese, pickle, bread, butter grin

Pinkjenny Thu 10-Feb-11 13:47:23

Chicken fried rice (kind of...)

Chicken fillet

Dry fry the chicken fillet and the mushrooms, scramble a couple of eggs, stir into some rice, add some soy and black pepper

Et voila.

ChaosTrulyReigns Thu 10-Feb-11 14:13:09

3 beaten eggs.
Double Cream. (about 1/2 the volume of the eggs)
Large handful of grated cheese.
Chopped bacon.
Half glass of whute wine.

Cook pasta.
Fry bacon till crispy (you can add garlic if you like). When cooked pour wine into frying pan so it bubbles. Let it simmer while you drain pasta.
Put pasta back in saucepan, and add egg/cheese/cream mixture to the hot pasta, stirring well (off the heat).
Tip the simmering wine/bacon mixture onto the pasta, again stirring well.

Absolutely delicious.

LadyintheRadiator Thu 10-Feb-11 14:18:09

Arborio Rice
Chopped onion
Passata (or whizzed tinned toms which I prefer)
850ml Veg Stock

Sorry that's seven but they're pretty basic and it's so yummy - this is from Fay Ripley's book and she just chucks all the liquid in at once rather than the tedious stir stir stir - to my surprise it worked and tasted as good as a 'slow' risotto

Tillyscoutsmum Thu 10-Feb-11 14:58:47

candleshoe - fresh salmon but I don't see why smoked wouldn't work

Pinkjenny Thu 10-Feb-11 15:22:44

<<hijack>> Did you get my FB msg, Til?

ifaistos Thu 10-Feb-11 16:33:39

I've been trying out these kinds of recipes recently. Here are 2 that have really worked. Much less boring than they sound.

Beef, garlic, tomatoes
Put beef for braising in an ovenproof dish with a couple of boxes of passata or tins of tomatoes wizzed in processor
Add a whole head of garlic, cloves broken up but not peeled. Salt and pepper.
Cover and cook in oven for about 3 hrs. Doesn't taste like tomato sauce at all, much richer.

Pork braised in milk - pork, oil, milk
Brown pork loin roast - fatty type - in oil. Add milk and leave to cook for about 3 hrs. You intermittently add more milk during cooking. Milk turns into thick nutty brown sauce and tastes of caramel. Tastes delicious.

candleshoe Thu 10-Feb-11 19:39:31

Just found another in a book called 4 ingredient recipes:

Now I don't call that a recipe! Bloomin' cheek!
Think I should return to the shop and demand my money back!

bibbitybobbityhat Thu 10-Feb-11 19:42:02

Sausages, potatoes (for mash), two or three kinds of vegetables, gravy.

There aren't many appetising meals I can think of that involve fewer than 5 ingredients, sorry.

MaryMungo Thu 10-Feb-11 19:58:18

Fave cupboard meal:

Tinned salmon

Steam some veg above the pasta, and you can be tin opener to table in ten minutes.

MaryMungo Thu 10-Feb-11 20:00:19

In the summer I rinse the pasta with cold water and use tzatziki instead of pesto. It's fab.

candleshoe Thu 10-Feb-11 20:27:51

My 'total emergency' cupboard dinner for my kids is a combination of 3 tins:

Sounds disgusting but they love it! And I think cos it has veg+beans+meat it might even be quite healthy for them!

One tin corned beef, one tin of ratatouille, one tin of baked beans!

Chop corned beef and stir up with other ingredients in a pyrex dish with a lid. Full power in microwave for 4 mins - stir and cook for another 2 mins. Or warm on the hob.

Serves three hungry kids!

HollyBollyBooBoo Fri 11-Feb-11 01:39:49


cooked up and served over pasta. You can embellish with white wine, seasoning and parmesan but then that's more like 8 or 9 ingredients!

HollyBollyBooBoo Fri 11-Feb-11 01:41:59

This is a smitten kitchen classic...

tin of tomatoes, an onion halved, large knob of butter, just cooked it all up, take out onion then serve over pasta.

Never tried it but is apparently amazing [yet to be convinced emoticon]

thereistheball Fri 11-Feb-11 14:21:56

Tinned tomatoes
White beans
(Optional: garlic, smoked paprika, parsley)

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