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Freezing home made burgers

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kayleigh Mon 08-Sep-03 11:39:07

I am just about to make up a batch of burgers.
If I freeze them is it better to freeze before they are cooked or after. As you can tell I'm not exactly Nigella in the kitchen !

Janstar Mon 08-Sep-03 11:42:25

Freeze them raw. Place them individually on Tupperware lids and when they are frozen you can flex the lids to get them off and pack the burgers in plastic bags. If you open freeze them like this they remain separate.

And of course make sure you cook them thoroughly if you cook from frozen.

doormat Mon 08-Sep-03 11:53:14

Like Janstar says freeze them raw. You could also put them in between pieces of greasproof paper to seperate the burgers.

kayleigh Mon 08-Sep-03 12:16:01

Thank you both very much, I will freeze them raw.
Janstar, the tupperware lid is a great tip.

elliott Mon 08-Sep-03 12:43:02

hmmm, I always freeze mine cooked and then blast in microwave to heat up (very hot)....I expect they would taste better if frozen raw and cooked just before eating, but my problem is that I always make them from meat I've previously frozen and defrosted, so I figured this was better than refreezing raw meat (I buy meat once every few months from butchers and don't have time to make things immediately)
Don't think I've ever knowingly poisoned ds...

kayleigh Mon 08-Sep-03 18:59:07

elliot - you're right you should never refreeze meat. I've frozen cooked burgers before and found they were a lot drier than the originals that we ate that weren't frozen at all - so thought it may be the cooking first then freezing that did this.
I now have a lovey batch of burgers in a bag. Janstars tupperware lid tip worked a treat.

SoupDragon Mon 08-Sep-03 19:05:44

Lakeland Limited do a wonderful burger maker. You shove a few spoonfuls of your burger mix in with 2 waxed paper discs, press down et voila! Perfectly formed burgers.

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