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Fireman Sam birthday cake...

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NeatFreak Thu 13-Jan-11 13:48:36

Ds will be 3 in a few weeks and would like a fireman sam cake. I think I know roughly how to do it- I have lots of cheats ready rolled red icing so I'm going to make a rough shape and cover it with the icing before adding decorative bits with icing pens and royal icing.
I'm not brilliant at baking but can get buy- what I need is tips for extra bits to finish it off.. ds has a fireman sam playset with figures, fire extinguisher, ladder etc so I was thinking of using them on the cake (and hoping nobody takes them home!)

If anybody else has any tips to make it easier I would be so so grateful. I've tried persuading him to have an easier cake (i.e. one bought from the supermarket wink but he's determined to have a fireman sam cake)

DrSeuss Thu 13-Jan-11 14:11:56
or 11/i.html?_nkw=fireman+sam&_catref=1&_fln=1&_sac=1 &_trksid=p3286.c0.m282

Pancakeflipper Thu 13-Jan-11 14:16:38

My youngest loves Fireman Sam and I made a cake. I went for an easy option... I got some plastic figures and a fire engine.

I made a house on fire, put it onto a green iced board and stuck the plastic figures and engine on.

He loved it - and even my very critical mother didn't make a negative comment. She didn't praise it.. but she wasn't negative.

I seem to recall you can buy rice paper Fireman Sam things to put on buns ( google on the internet.

Pancakeflipper Thu 13-Jan-11 14:18:23

Sorry - I meant to say the house on fire was made from a carrot cake loaf which then cut into 2 and stuck it together as a house with apricot jam. Then covered it in buttercream and made windows/doors/flames out of coloured icing.

Indith Thu 13-Jan-11 14:21:27

Dd is obsessed with Shrek (or to be exact the dragon from Shrek). I went for the dead easy option. Instead of messing around with all teh icing and trying to shape the cake or do complicated things I just made a normal, round chocolate cake and iced as usual. Then I printed off an outline picture of dragon from the internet (google images for fireman sam colouring pages). Edible wafer paper (in the baking section at the supermarket) is thin enough to trace through so I used writing icing to do the outline and painted the blocks of colour with food colouring. Cut out the picture and placed on top of the cake before the icing had set to stick it on.

NeatFreak Thu 13-Jan-11 17:13:40

Thanks for the tips, they are great. Off to do some you tube viewing now!

DrSeuss Thu 13-Jan-11 18:08:04

Anything for a fellow sufferer!

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