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Would you cook this pheasant?!

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knottyhair Mon 10-Jan-11 17:42:21

Bought an oven-ready pheasant as it was reduced and has today's date on it. Got it out of the fridge and the plastic cover looked a bit "inflated" and when I opened it, it doesn't smell right. Should go by my instincts and bin it I suppose but BUMMER! Any opinions??

Seabright Mon 10-Jan-11 20:03:03

Pheasent can be hung until its almost off, then cooked an eaten, so I'd probably give it a go.

Do you eat pheasant a lot? If you do and it smells funny then I'd go with your instinct, but if you don't eat it much, is it possible you aren't so used to the smell of pheasant?

knottyhair Mon 10-Jan-11 22:24:15

Thanks for the reply! I think it may have been just when I opened the plastic lid! I went back after about 15 mins and it smelled OK, just that strong "pheasanty" smell. Cooked it and ate it (it was lovely!), so fingers crossed!

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