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Chrismas cake, cupboard or freezer?

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GrimbleFreud Sat 08-Jan-11 19:46:27

I have a few ramekin-sized Christmas cakes that I meant to ice and give away but I never got 'round to the icing bit. I'd like to keep them for next Christmas.

The cakes are very moist and well-wrapped, should I freeze or store in a tin?

MakemineaGandT Sat 08-Jan-11 22:44:56

I'd just eat them and make some more next Christmas! I think if they are little they will end up v. dry if left for a year. You could freeze them I guess

taffetacat Sun 09-Jan-11 11:38:38

Freeze them.

Or make them into ice cream. grin

inkyfingers Sun 09-Jan-11 17:11:13

Agree with GandT - eat them. They won't improve between now and Xmas and that's assuming you don't forget about them (I would)

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