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Baking blind

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DullWomenHaveImmaculateHomes Fri 07-Jan-11 08:33:04

I don't have any of those ball things. What other options do I have please?
(I'm assuming I need to pre-bake the pastry if I want to make a quiche. Sorry, quiche-making virgin blush)

winnybella Fri 07-Jan-11 08:34:21

Aluminium foil and beans?

DullWomenHaveImmaculateHomes Fri 07-Jan-11 08:56:38

Would aduki beans be heavy enough? They're the biggest I've got. I suppose if I put enough in that would work wouldn't it?
Thank you [smile}

DullWomenHaveImmaculateHomes Fri 07-Jan-11 08:56:52

Oops! smile

fishie Fri 07-Jan-11 08:59:21

catering team at my work use pennies and foil

Catsmamma Fri 07-Jan-11 09:01:57

i don't bake blind for quiches.

just make sure you put the quiche dish onto a hot tray already in the oven.

4merlyknownasSHD Fri 07-Jan-11 09:54:37

It depends on what your quiche dish is made from. If it is Aluminium, you can probably get away without blind baking as the heat conductivity is so good.

Non-stick coated or tinned steel dishes are a bit touch and go, depending on the mix you are putting in the quiche.

Ceramic dishes are usually not good conductors and it is nicer to have a fully cooked (and crisp, ideally) pastry layer than a half cooked spongey pastry flannel. Better safe than sorry, I would blind bake.

DullWomenHaveImmaculateHomes Fri 07-Jan-11 10:10:14

Thanks. It's ceramic so think I'll blind bake with aduki beans.

Snorbs Fri 07-Jan-11 10:29:04

Aluminium foil and a layer of rice works well.

DullWomenHaveImmaculateHomes Fri 07-Jan-11 10:39:19

Ok, potentially stupid question: which way up should the foil be?

Jux Fri 07-Jan-11 10:45:17

The first time i baked blind I used rice - without foil or greaseprooof paper or whathaveyou - just rice. The result was hilarious but inedible grin

Snorbs Fri 07-Jan-11 10:51:08

Aluminium foil on top of the pastry, then uncooked rice (or whatever) on top of the foil to weigh it down.

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