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what do you feed you 2yo??

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thenightwalker Wed 05-Jan-11 18:08:35

my daugters just coming up to 2 and i seem to have run out of ideas for what to give her for her dinner.

She usually eats what we eat at meal times but its just me and her at lunch and i am always stuck for things to give her. Shes not a fussy eater atall but has been refusing any food atall in the past few weeks. i think shes just going through abit of a phase and has been getting enough to keep her going.

just curious to see what other people are giving to their 2 yo, breakfast, dinner and tea?


jafina Wed 05-Jan-11 18:21:02

Hiya, my dd is now 3 but her diet is still pretty limited. For breakfast she usually has cheerios or shreddies in tiny amounts plus a quarter piece of toast and maybe half banana or a few grapes. She loves pancakes at the weekend.

For lunch she may have a scrambled egg or half a ham sandwich or a small portion of pasta pesto or a couple pieces of pizza plus some fruit (she hates veg!). She also likes Heinz tomato soup!

She is a big snacker and will have grapes or cheese or breadsticks between meals. And biscuits of course!

For supper she has what my older children have in much smaller quantities, like pasta bolognese, roast chicken, sausages, beef casserole etc...

My dd has gone through phases of eating practically nothing too, try not to worry, and just keep offering the healthy stuff. She won't starve and before you know it she will be hungry again. My 8 year old twin boys eat more than I do now and one of them used to be nightmare to feed!

tiokiko Wed 05-Jan-11 19:13:11

DD was 2 last month, a typical day's food would be something like:

Breakfast - almost always 1 x Weetabix with banana, raspberries, greek yoghurt, milk. Sometimes has a small piece of toast and butter too.

Lunch - homemade soup or sandwich (houmous, ham & philadelphia, smoked salmon), toasted cheese, tortilla/frittata

Dinner - depending on what we're eating she will have the same (or leftovers from the night before) but we have quite a lot of things that wouldn't work so she'll have pasta, casseroles, fishcakes, stirfry etc.

Pudding is usually fruit and greek yoghurt but sometimes she has a scotch pancake.

Not v snacky but will have 1/2 banana, breadsticks etc sometimes.

SeriousWispaHabit Wed 05-Jan-11 20:42:21

I thought my 2.5 DD was going through a bit of a fussy phase with dinner but not letting her have an afternoon snack other than a few grapes or small piece of fruit has got her back to eating a good meal in the evening. She is thin as a rake, despite eating vast portions of most things, definitely not my metabolism she has.

Breakfasts: porridge, toast with jam or marmite, fruit and greek yoghurt, cereals, egg and soldiers, beans on toast, pancakes and fruit occasionally if I am feeling keen.

Lunches: Sandwich, tortilla wrap (she likes to help make this and pretend she is Katy from I can cook hmm ), marmite pasta, cheesy pasta, leftovers from night before, pita bread pizza, fishfingers and beans, soup and bread, sausage and beans, mushrooms and noodles, jacket potato, tuna and sweetcorn pasta...or on a day out with my Dad - crabs claws and blue slush puppy from Birmingham fish market confused

Dinner: whatever we are having, unless very spicy or a takeaway. If it's something new and she's not keen I'd give her a bit of bread and butter too, or a substantial 'pudding' of banana and yoghurt or something.

thenightwalker Mon 10-Jan-11 13:28:29

thanx ladies, she does eat quite alot ofthe foods you all mentionsandi suposeill just have to perervere.

painfullyhonest Wed 12-Jan-11 15:11:48

my dd is 2.4 - i try to offer her something familiar and something less familiar each day.

so the generally approved dishes are: stirfry rice or noodles with veg and chicken, salmon or chicken risotto with veg, fishfingers or sausage with smiley faces, cheerios, toast, crumpets or choc croissant (mini or cocopops at breakfast, roast chicken thigh with lemon and herbs with spinach rice, pasta with tomato tuna sauce or plain tom sce or bolognese etc, fish pie, smoked haddock chowder, and about as much fruit as I let her have. Snacks are crackers, raisins, dried apricots or treat - dried mango.
I bake a lot and offer her bits of cake from time to time but she isn't actually that fussed about cake! hmm

she also likes peanutbutter and jam sandwiches, but no other filling. Bought her some sliced chicken and offered her a chicken sandwich today but she rejected it after 2 bites. Offered her some leftover stirfry veg (mostly cabbage and bok choi) instead and she wolfed the lot! so you just never know....

Boohooyou Wed 12-Jan-11 18:28:06

Ds is 2 1/2
Breakfast is always mashed banana with weetabix, porridge or ready brek.

Lunch - soup, tortilla sandwiches, toasted sandwiches are good as I find you can get quite a few different fillings snuck in.
Pasta(I always put sweetcorn or peas with pasta aswell as the sauce) eggs, spaghetti on toast, fish fingers, scampi (most of the aforementioned with some sort of veg)

I don't always offer different things for lunch or tea.
Tonight we had sausage casserole for tea but I always make loads to freeze so he could have that for lunch in a few weeks.
Fish with new potatoes and broccoli is an easy tea.

I also approx once a month give him a kiddy ready meal, for when I just can't be arsed !
I add loads of veg and they last for 2 meals.
But I have so many meals I have frozen that defrosting one of those is no effort either.

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