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Food for 7yo to cook at party

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goingmadinthecountry Tue 04-Jan-11 21:47:43


Have eventually persuaded dd3 (nearly 7) to have a cooking party. I did one with dd2 at that age - I think we made fairy cakes and iced biscuits,

Any bright ideas apart from pizzas for cookery ideas? There will be 6 x 6/7 y olds. I'll have dd2 (15) plus a friend or two helping. We want something yummy for parents to nibble on when they come round!


frenchfancy Wed 05-Jan-11 17:41:31

How about little quiches - pastry rolling, egg cracking cheese grating etc.

Or sausage rolls

PandaG Wed 05-Jan-11 17:48:01

cheese straws?
pinwheel or ordinary sandwiches with a variety of toppings?

biscuits and buns are the easiest imo - we did pizza, and design your own knickerboicker glory for the party tea, and biscuits and buns to take home - they had the biscuit cutter they had used as a party bag present along with their baking

plus a guess the ingredient game - paper cups with circle of material over the top, strong smelling ingredients in

and a kims game - tray of objects - all kitchen items or ingredients - to memorise and list whe the tray was removed.

Hulababy Wed 05-Jan-11 17:55:05


How about tapas type dishes - mini meatballs in a tomato sauce, mini wraps, and make their own salsas and guacamole type dips to eat with crudites they have cut up and served, etc?

SeriousWispaHabit Wed 05-Jan-11 20:49:45

Could all make different parts for fajitas eg guacamole, salsa, stir fried meat/veg, grated cheese, salad then each assemble own fajita from all the bits.

Could also make smoothies/milkshakes with ice cream in.

I know you said not pizza, but that's a really good one because you don't need any heat until it's all assembled so it's a safe and stress free one to do with lots of children.

goingmadinthecountry Thu 06-Jan-11 00:04:57

Just checked in - thank you for all the great ideas! Sent out invitations today tied with ribbon to wooden spoons, and will buy some plastic coated fabric (kitsch Cath Kidson style hopefully) tomorrow for aprons.

Serious, I'm quite keen on pizzas - was just looking for other ideas too! There's one veggie so it leaves options open.

I could use my mini muffin tin for mini quiches - have invited parents for tastings so prob more adult lunchtime food than cookies or muffins! That with crudites and dips. And I love the game ideas.

Considering last night I was feeling a bit jaded (4 kids, 3 already teenagers), thanks so much for making me excited about a kids' party again! Will report back with successes and disasters!!

goingmadinthecountry Sat 15-Jan-11 15:58:14

I think that was the most stress free party yet! I made aprons and bunting to match the wipe down table cover, and we made cookies from the fab recipe I always use from MN - never even got as far as the pizza dough I made - along with mini jam tarts, and we played some games. Aprons and cookies went in the party bag.

Thanks for the ideas - will save most of them for next time!

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