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A question about VERY slow roasting

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MaryMotherOfCheeses Fri 31-Dec-10 10:17:56

I've got two recipes I'd like to do.

One is Hugh FW's Donnie Brasco pork, which he says to do for 16 hours on Gas mark 2.

And the other is Slubbers Delicious magazine's ham, which says 12 hours on gas mark 1/2

Can I compromise and do them both on 1?

I think I can. But I do nothing without MN approval wink

JetLi Fri 31-Dec-10 10:20:07

I would smile

bacon Fri 31-Dec-10 13:46:35


taffetacat Fri 31-Dec-10 15:58:22

I did HFW's on 110 c for 24 hours. Which is about 1 I think in gas.

If in doubt go for a lower temp for a longer time

Besom Fri 31-Dec-10 16:00:46

Yes, and can I come to your house?

WillbeanChariot Fri 31-Dec-10 16:02:52

I have no advice, just wanted to say I have pork 'Donnie Brasco' in the oven right now and it smells AMAZING. smile

MaryMotherOfCheeses Fri 31-Dec-10 17:50:16

It does doesn't it Will smile

There's no mention in my recipe of covering it with foil (the Donnie Brasco one that is). Does it not go dry?

I don't think I can cook them together. Can't get them both in the oven. Ho hum.

taffetacat Fri 31-Dec-10 18:33:06

No foil on Donnie Brasco. As its shoulder, the fat keeps it moist. And its a very long slow cook so it doesn't seize up, iykwim.

I had to measure my oven to check the pork fitted in!

Does the ham need to be hot? Could you not cook that first?

MaryMotherOfCheeses Fri 31-Dec-10 21:30:17

Oooh better take the foil off then grin

MaryMotherOfCheeses Fri 31-Dec-10 23:26:38

Actually the smell's starting to get a bit much.

5 spice, anyone?

taffetacat Sat 01-Jan-11 13:55:29

I know what you mean about the smell. Its nice at first......

Hope you have a good feast.

tiokiko Sat 01-Jan-11 19:09:47

I made (a version of) the River Cafe version for Christmas and it was lovely - I used fennel seeds, dried red chillis and sherry vinegar for the spicing along with oil/salt/pepper.

But the smell did my head in - we had my parents to stay and always give them our room so we were on the sitting room floor on a mattress.

All night I dreamed about a) eating lots of nice food or b) running screaming as the house burned down.

Next stop is Oven Pride-ing our oven before I do a 24hr roast again...

MaryMotherOfCheeses Sat 01-Jan-11 19:23:12

Well, I think it was very dry. And it only had 8 hours cos I chickened out of leaving the oven on overnight in case the house burned down (don't ask).

Crackling was stunningly tasty but yes, very dry I thought.

Slubber's ham is in the oven as we speak.

taffetacat Sat 01-Jan-11 19:39:15

What size joint was it? I ask as I did a whole shoulder, with accompanying bones incl shoulder blade etc, and it contained lots of fat which kept it moist.

MaryMotherOfCheeses Sat 01-Jan-11 19:40:46


That'll be the reason.

I seeeeeeee.

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