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Electric or dual fuel?

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springchik Thu 30-Dec-10 22:10:44

Buying a new oven. Always had gas definately moving away from that though. So dual fuel (electric oven and gas hobs) or all electric?

Lucyintheskywithdiazepam Thu 30-Dec-10 22:22:41

Dual!! Gas hobs are way better to cook on than electric. I always had an electric hob until 8 years ago...I'd never switch back now.

springchik Thu 30-Dec-10 22:23:49

Why is that? My mum said she wishes she had gas hobs as they're better but didnt expand really.

Lucyintheskywithdiazepam Thu 30-Dec-10 22:36:15

Gas hobs are more controllable - and they heat up/switch off instantly.

When I cook on elecric at my Mum's house now I find the wait for a ring to heat up excruciatingly slow and then I'm more likely to burn things because when I turn a ring down, it takes such a long time for the temperature to adjust.

springchik Thu 30-Dec-10 22:38:26

oh i see thanks!

KenDoddsDadsDogEatsTinsel Thu 30-Dec-10 22:39:54

Dual fuel definitely. Far easier to cook with a gas hob.

missmartha Thu 30-Dec-10 23:52:05

Gas, no point having duel fuel when gas is better on the hob and in the oven.

bacon Fri 31-Dec-10 13:50:56

Dual, I hate using the electric hob in the house we are living at at mo. I have a Brittania in my farmhouse and its gas top, electric oven. Great advantage of electric oven is the timer - no excuse for not putting a dish in before leaving the house. Also with mine you have a fast heat, defrost and of course a fan.

What I absolutely hate about the electric hob is the burning, any overspill sticks like glue. Make sure that the gas ring is much higher than the top as this allows for silage.

TrillianAstra Fri 31-Dec-10 13:53:57

Definely gas hob - the heat goes up/down immediately.

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