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Posh soup recipes?

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trixymalixy Thu 30-Dec-10 21:41:40

Does anyone have any lovely posh soup recipes they would be kind enough to share with me?

Himalaya Thu 30-Dec-10 21:45:35

Um, boil vegetables in a pan with some stock. Puree and add some cream. Whilst wearing pearls. Is that posh enough for you?

<marking my place and waiting for some proper posh soup recipes...>

trixymalixy Thu 30-Dec-10 21:57:12

Hmm wad hoping for a bit more than that himalaya!!

Bumping for some lovely recipes!!

OldLadyKnowsNothing Thu 30-Dec-10 22:24:15

What kind of soup do you view as "posh"? Cullen Skink is sold in many up-marketish restaurants in Scotland, but it originated in a fishing village. (Called Cullen, oddly enough. grin)

HowToLookGoodGlaikit Fri 31-Dec-10 20:14:22

Ohhh I love Cullen Skink!

How about a Chinese Chicken Noodle? or is that still too downmarket?

Recipe here, its one of my faves ... noodle soup

anotherbook Fri 31-Dec-10 23:23:27

What about cock a leekie?

We use a whole about 1kg chicken instead of the carcass and simmer for about 20 mins then removing from heat,cover tightly and leave about an hour til cooked.

You can then add the chicken back to the soup at the last stage - can carve at the table and add according to taste for each person. Makes it a bit more substantial.

BelligerentGhoul Fri 31-Dec-10 23:25:08


I have no idea what posh soup is though!

mazzystartled Fri 31-Dec-10 23:28:04

Jerusalem Artichoke and Hazelnut soup, v easy and posh
Also Celeriac (with Walnut and parsley pesto). Will post if that's the kind of thing that floats yer boat..

Honeydragon Fri 31-Dec-10 23:28:48

Posh roawted pepper soup can be done if you make one batch with yellows and one with reds and then pour both into serving bowl so you get red and yellow soup ( like yin yang without the dots iyswim)

Then everyone goes "ooooooo that's posh"

bluebump Fri 31-Dec-10 23:32:54

I've got that Covent Garden Soup book, you want to get hold of a copy, there are lots of lovely ideas in there. I got it from The Works for about £2.50. If there are any specific ingredients you like i'll see if there are any recipes that meet it!

Carrotsandcelery Fri 31-Dec-10 23:38:26

What constitutes posh?
Is butternut squash or carrot and coriander a bit pedestrian?
Pea and mint? curried courgette?

MrsColumbo Fri 31-Dec-10 23:41:22

Does it have turrets? That's posh.

Himalaya Sat 01-Jan-11 11:31:25

Am making Nigella's new year soup today. Can't be described as posh though. It's got frankfurters in it.

BelligerentGhoul Sat 01-Jan-11 13:25:17

Have you had the frankfurter soup before, Himalaya? Is it nice?

bluejeans Sat 01-Jan-11 13:36:48

I'm making butternut squash soup with ginger, chilli and coconut today. But one of my squashes has rotted since I bought it, less than 24 hours ago, grrrr

trixymalixy Sat 01-Jan-11 14:04:04

Thanks all, but a bit late!!

We made curried parsnip and apple soup in the end, which was lovely.

Was just looking for something different from the everyday lentil or carrot and coriander, for a starter for Hogmanay.

My usual posh recipe is courgette and cashew, but couldn't make anything with nuts in.

Himalaya Sat 01-Jan-11 15:05:46

Yes it's nice. Not elegant or anything though.

Zorayda Sat 01-Jan-11 15:22:34

Bluebump -can you tell me if the Covent Garden Soup book has their Chicken Mulligatawny recipe in? DH loves it and I would buy the book just for that, but no point if it's not included.

BelligerentGhoul Sat 01-Jan-11 15:51:09

Ta - may try it at some pint with veggie sausages. Don't worry, I don't want elegant!

BelligerentGhoul Sat 01-Jan-11 15:51:34


bluebump Sat 01-Jan-11 21:41:53

Zorayda I've just looked and it's not in it i'm afraid.

tiokiko Mon 03-Jan-11 18:19:45

Bit late but how about lentil and chestnut (using tinned/vac packed chestnuts so no hassle). Smooth and rich and seasonal and a bit different from everyday soup.

I've made a version of this but as far as I remember the recipe was a bit lentil-heavy and I also added some dry sherry or marsala which gave it a kick.

SantaClausImWorthIt Mon 03-Jan-11 18:21:42

I had a lovely soup once in a restaurant - cream of jerusalem artichoke with a puff pastry top.

Looked spectacular and tasted fab.

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