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Pudding for 10 people help

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WaitingforSanta Thu 30-Dec-10 18:37:58

Does anyone have a suggestion what I can make for pudding for 10 adults on NY Day please? I am really lacking in inspiration and now I have to go to the supermarket and still don't have any idea.

It has to be cream free (overseas and none available here) and nothing too heavy as it's hot here.

Thank you!

SevenAgainstThebes Thu 30-Dec-10 18:46:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WaitingforSanta Thu 30-Dec-10 18:50:17

I love fresh berries but the only ones you get here are imported and super expensive. Think it would cost me $100 for the fruit so that's not really possible.

It's hard isn't it to think of cream free deserts! I'm just looking at cheesecake recipes online but most use soured cream and don't think I can get that either.

At this rate we'll be having ice-cream!

SevenAgainstThebes Thu 30-Dec-10 18:50:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

senua Thu 30-Dec-10 18:52:48

I wouldn't try to please 10 people with one dish. I would do several dishes so they could pick their favourite.

Are you allowed alcohol? Fruit in alcohol is easy and tasty (peaches in red wine, plums in brandy, figs in rum etc)

SevenAgainstThebes Thu 30-Dec-10 18:52:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SevenAgainstThebes Thu 30-Dec-10 18:54:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

senua Thu 30-Dec-10 18:54:55

DH has just been watching Come Dine With Me. Someone did lemon polenta cake which was, apparently, orgasmic.

grumpypants Thu 30-Dec-10 18:56:31

Eton Mess - really easy, looks great, really yummy.

WaitingforSanta Thu 30-Dec-10 18:57:07

I can't get mascarpone here either I promise I'm not being awkward but I'm in a small town in Central America - what I'd do for 20 mins in M&S right now....

I think you're right Senua that one dish isn't enough. I can get hold of plenty of mango and papaya so could do a fruit salad also as that's easy isn't it.

Am now thinking I'll do a cake. I can get Phildelphia if that helps anyone for ideas! Will go on their website now and see

WaitingforSanta Thu 30-Dec-10 18:59:08

Polenta cake a good idea thanks. And lemon meringue pie.

grumpypants Thu 30-Dec-10 19:24:33

Cheesecake - have a recipe that uses lemon juice, Philly, digestives, sugar etc but no gelatine or cream, and v easy and yummy.

WaitingforSanta Thu 30-Dec-10 19:40:34

Is it this one grumpypants? I can get all of these ingredients and will add raspberries on top so hopefully it will be nice.

grumpypants Thu 30-Dec-10 19:45:53

No - sorry, just looked it up and it needs dble cream. blush BUT the lovely chocolate cheesecake doesn't ;( 100g plain choc digestives, crushed. 50 g melted butter for the base and 150g plain choc, 700g soft cheese, 225g caster sugar, 2 large eggs, 1/2 tsp vanilla essence)

fivecandles Thu 30-Dec-10 20:17:55

Sticky toffee pudding or chocolate or lemon tart.

div22c Fri 31-Dec-10 12:25:35

a large trifle - delia style? you can make up the custard quite thick with Birds Eye powder and skip the mascarpone OR use Philadelphia instead. can use any sponge cake instead of proper trifle sponges; fruit juice instead of booze; and mango puree inside and mango pieces on the top (instead of berries). and normal sugar. i always substitute fruits in this recipe, depending on the season, and it goes down well.

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