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So. Ham. What worked best?

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MaryMotherOfCheeses Wed 29-Dec-10 19:19:02

Can we reach a consensus on the best ham recipe?

Hope so, I've still got one to cook.

nikki1978 Wed 29-Dec-10 19:21:36

Well I tried the Nigella Cherry Coke one. I used a tesco unsmoked gammon joint (small one as I was just trying it out). The glaze was delicious (cherry jam. red wine vinegar and paprika).

I just felt like the ham tasted bitter. I didn't soak it first which may have been a problem and used a whole onion even though the joint was very small.

Not sure what went wrong but since it has rave reviews I am guessing it was just a mistake I made.

Can imagine that it tastes lovely if done correctly.

Slubberdegullion Wed 29-Dec-10 19:26:12


I haven't seen you for an age mrs.

OK I have the definitive ham recipe.

The best ham I have ever, EVER eaten. And I'm a woman who eats a lot of ham.

From last month's delicious magazine.


I would actually challenge anyone to a duel who said their recipe gave you a nicer ham than this ham.

This is the platinum standard of hams.

activate Wed 29-Dec-10 19:28:08

ham on bone - 2 litres of cider topped up with water and spices (cinammon stick, cloves, black pepper) 15 mins per lb simmering less 45 mins for baking in oven

don't like ham in coke

Slubberdegullion Wed 29-Dec-10 19:28:22

I did it with these here sticky parsnips and carrots with hazelnuts, feta and mint

and oh my word

actually there are no words

activate Wed 29-Dec-10 19:31:45

your links aren't working for me slubber

Slubberdegullion Wed 29-Dec-10 19:36:13

aren't they?

How odd. They are working for me.

You can find them on the Delicious web site. Search for Boxing Day ham and vegetable and feta salad.

MaryMotherOfCheeses Wed 29-Dec-10 19:37:50

Ah, the links work for me <does smug dance>

Slubber, lovely to see you too smile That recipe looks good.

Does it matter that my ham isn't on the bone. It's just a Tesco unsmoked one.

(but it is huuuuuuuuge and cost me £6)

Slubberdegullion Wed 29-Dec-10 19:40:40


Holy cow

was it lying on the floor?

Our 6kg one (not on the bone either - it worked fine) cost us just over £50.

You have a bargainous ham there.

When the recipe says it melts in the mouth, MY GOD it most certainly does. Melting ham.

I'm going to have a bit of it now to further prove my point.

MaryMotherOfCheeses Wed 29-Dec-10 19:44:07

For you, Slubber, I went to the fridge to check.


Which isn't bad for six quid innit? There's only three of us, it will last about three meals easily.

Was supposed to be £12, they're selling them off cheap cos Christmas has passed.

Slubberdegullion Wed 29-Dec-10 19:47:51

That is better than not bad. You have a Robert Bargain there.

I wish you much joy with it.

MaryMotherOfCheeses Wed 29-Dec-10 21:10:20

Bumping for any other suggestions.

Would be interested to see Slubber in a duel over a piece of ham.

frozenfestiveflo Wed 29-Dec-10 21:44:14

cook it in ginger ale, then glaze with ginger jam, crushed cloves and mustard powder in the oven.

Dare I say the best ever?

DeckTheHallWithBowlsOfPomBears Wed 29-Dec-10 21:48:18

Boiled it in regular coke. Then a sugar and treacle glaze. It was good. I can't claim it was the best every though. Would like to try some of these other ideas.

CarmelitaMiggs Wed 29-Dec-10 22:02:37

I am mad for ham stock so bypassed the Coke

Rind on, put in huge stock pot and cover with water. Couple onions/leeks, carrot or two, celery stalk or two, 10 or so peppercorns, 2 bay leaves. Bring to boil, simmer for 3 hrs (I had a massive ham though -- probably 2 hrs would do).

Then remove from stock and peel off rind with knife, leaving as much fat as possible, and smear on glaze (Colemans mustard, muscovado sugar, anything else that grabs you) and shove in hot oven for 20-40 mins

Loads of amazing stock for great soup, which for me is 30 per cent of the purpose of a Christmas ham

pipplin Thu 30-Dec-10 14:07:00

I think mine is delia's or floyd's that mymum I have adapted to suit. I am having a baby brain moment so bare with me.

Soak unsmoked ham- prob not necessary but I still do it.
I bring it to boil then change water then it's put in the oven.
Half hour before it's done, take most of fat off.
Score and stud
Mustard- English not powder
Then covered in sugar and popped back in.

I know it's boring and traditional but it's so good.
I'm trying the coke ham for Easter, best give DP a rest from ham for a bit.

Slubberdegullion Thu 30-Dec-10 16:30:48

<dusts off kung fu arms emoticon [\ /]

honestly Mary honestly I have done so many hams on the hob and then finish off in the oven jobs, they all taste very nice yes yes


MY ham is steamed for 12 whole hours in cider vapours.


Think ham in the nice not very hot sub sauna at Centre Parks.

It melts in your mouth goddamit.

a lot of effort to be sure for a £6 tesco jobber but still.

MaryMotherOfCheeses Sun 02-Jan-11 11:29:38

So, Slubber, what did you do with the left over juices?

Slubberdegullion Sun 02-Jan-11 15:46:23

yay you did it grin

Was it nice? Don't tell me if it wasn't. I'm still eating ours.

I poured my stock down the drain (after pouring probably half of it on the floor and down a few cupboards getting it out of the oven) as I simply didn't have the time, space or energy to do anything with it. I like the idea of a lentil soup from the other thread.

Housemum Sun 02-Jan-11 15:59:28

Apparently mine was nice but I came down with flu in the evening of Christmas Day and didn't eat again for 4/5 days by which time the gannets had troughed it

I think the recipe I used was from the Christmas Sainsburys mag, it was baked rather than boiled, then remove the skin (made a fab crackling snack after baking it separately!) and glazed with a chinese glaze - hoi sin, plum sauce, five-spice and brown sugar melted together with a bit of dry sherry (could use rice wine but there's half a chance we'd drink the fino sherry), baked for further 40 mins with the glaze, reglazing halfway through

NewYearNewPants Sun 02-Jan-11 16:03:32

I have used the original Nigella ham in coke recipe (not the cherry coke one) for a couple of years now.

Cook in coke with clove-studded onion (I actually used half water / half coke this year, as hate the frothiness of pure cola - tasted pretty much the same in the end).

Stud with cloves and glaze with treacle, brown sugar and mustard powder mixture.

Absolutely delicious, and got much praise from all quarters for my efforts grin.

Used a bit of the stock for my Christmas turkey gravy - was lovely, but very salty, so only needed a splash.

MaryMotherOfCheeses Sun 02-Jan-11 19:09:52

Slubber, it is deeelicious!

(though slightly dry. These smaller joints don't take the longer cooking of the recipe. There's a reason the recipe suggests using such a large joint!)

Slubberdegullion Wed 05-Jan-11 15:49:44

I'm so pleased you liked it but saddened that it was on the dry side. We finally finished eating ours last night. So much more economical that the bleeding turkey.

GrimmaTheNome Wed 05-Jan-11 15:55:24

Here's an easy peasy way to get lovely moist ham for 'everyday' use.

Firstly make sure you get smoked!

Soak overnight. Put in pan covered with water, a couple of tbsps brown sugar and cider vinegar, a carrot, some celery, peppercorns and bayleaf. Bring to boil, simmer (I only had little ~ 1kg piece) - an hour for that.

No need to faff around roasting, its good to go.

MaryMotherOfCheeses Wed 05-Jan-11 23:01:15

Why would it need to be smoked to be moist?

Mine was dry cos I cooked it too long for the size of it. Recipe was for a much bigger piece.

Either way, my ham cost £6 and was a billy bargain and I enjoyed cooking it. smile

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