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slow cooker recipe for rice pudding please?

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Northernlebkuchen Tue 28-Dec-10 21:32:25

No idea how to do it - please advise!

Also quantities for porridge?

Furball Wed 29-Dec-10 07:49:56

I've just copied and pasted from our mate googlesmile

Slow Cooked Rice Pudding

25g butter
100g sugar
100g desert rice
1ltr milk

Grease the pot with the butter (use it all up)
Add the other ingredients to the pot
Stir gently together
Turn the slow cooker to high
Stir occassionally during cooking
Cooking time is approx 2.5hrs to 3.5hrs

Northernlebkuchen Wed 29-Dec-10 14:20:33

blush didn't think to google it! Thanks

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