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i have to feed 9 adults and 7 children tomorrow...what the hell am i going to cook??

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santagotstuckuptheCHIMCHARney Mon 27-Dec-10 09:24:05

9 adults, 2 big kids and 5 toddler/young kids...

have today to do it all...need to go shopping too. also have 30 million other things i need to do today..

was thinking of 2 big lasagnes and jacket pots....

would i be better off doing cold buffet style?

am stressing!!!

god...its a mans world! wink

MummyBerryJuice Mon 27-Dec-10 09:26:37

Lasagne. Deffo.

Cold buffet would be more difficult IMHO as it would take more advance prep etc and not exactly suited to this kind of weather.

Carrotsandcelery Mon 27-Dec-10 09:30:00

I was going to say a huge lasagne or hot pot or similar, with salad. Have you got enough room to seat everyone?
If you do you can have everyone seated and serve the lasagnes to table and get everyone except the tots to serve themselves.
I would also put out some bread, so the small ones can munch on something if they are not keen on the lasagne or the salad.
You could also put out a few bowls of grated cheese for the kids to put in the potatoes incase that is all they want.
If everyone is eating from their knees I would serve the adults first while it is hot as the kids would want a cooler portion anyway.
I hope you have fun somewhere in amongst it all grin

nowwearefour Mon 27-Dec-10 09:37:13

i was also going to suggest lasagne! it also works for veggies and can go as far as you need it to f you have garlic bread, salad etc....

santagotstuckuptheCHIMCHARney Mon 27-Dec-10 09:42:22

Great! Decision made..... Lasagne it is!!!


Will be easy tomorrow that way.

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