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Help anyone got pre-cooked ham from Dukeshill?

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Egg Fri 24-Dec-10 11:09:25

I ordered the pre-cooked Wiltshire one from Dukeshill that we had last year and was fab. Last year they sent instructions on how long and what method best for re-heating etc but nothing this year and I can't for the life of me remember any of it. Have their glaze for it too.

Can anyone help? I am so useless I don't even remember if I glaze it cold before it goes in or if I glaze it just before the end?

I vaguely remember it needs to be covered in foil...

nealeholl Fri 24-Dec-10 11:58:13


This is Neale from Dukeshill - I hope I can help...

We wrote some general guidelines for glazing hams here 0074

They pre-date the introduction of our own recipe Ham Glaze, but the rules are just the same.

I do hope you enjoy it.

Merry Christmas!

Egg Fri 24-Dec-10 12:43:23

Hi Neale thanks for your reply, I am honoured...

However the web details are only about the glazing bit (which I do also need) and not about re-heating the ham itself before glazing (the title on the web page does say "reheating and glazing" but when you click on it the info is actually "glazing and garnishing".

I know any reasonable cook would know or be able to work it out but I am useless, and recovering from some hideous flu type thing, and my inlaws are arriving in about half an hour and...

BTW, it is the HALF Boneless Cooked Smoked Wiltshire Ham.

While I'm here, can I say thank you for getting the turkey and ham delivered on time! You are fab!

Egg Fri 24-Dec-10 12:55:51

OK I have managed to find it now I have got my brain into gear. Thanks for your help. Have a great Christmas!

KieronM Thu 30-Dec-10 19:12:41

Hi Neale

I just received my uncooked black Wiltshire ham (half) from Dukeshill but the booklet with the cooking instructions was missing. I have the ham soaking but really need the cooking instructions for our New Years dinner tomorrow - any chance that you (or anyone else) can help?



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