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How do I bake a camembert?

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debka Thu 23-Dec-10 21:27:35

I want to do it for Christmas eve.

And how do I convince DH that it is ok for me to eat at 33 wks pg?

PureAsTheColdDrivenSnow Thu 23-Dec-10 21:29:04

It is very very NOM.

Jamie Oliver did a good one the other night, will try and find the recipe.

thelennox Thu 23-Dec-10 21:30:00

Nigel slater

Rub with some cloves of garlic, prick with fork and dribble some white wine on. Bake in box for twenty minutes or until bubbling. Peel back skin and enjoy.

Should be fine. It's cooked after all! I ate Brie and cranberry parcels all Christmas eve last year when 7 months pg.

PureAsTheColdDrivenSnow Thu 23-Dec-10 21:30:18

[[ /jamie-s-favourite-festive-food-combos-co_1 ta daaa]

You can convince DH that it's fine by checking that the temp inside is over 70C.

And that pregnant french women eat is all the time.

jade80 Thu 23-Dec-10 21:30:22

Get one in a wooden box, unwrap and put back in bottom half of box. Score the top with a knife. Drizzle with garlic infused olive oil if you have any. Put in oven 20-25 mins reasonably hot should do it easily.

Can't help with the convincing, sorry!

PureAsTheColdDrivenSnow Thu 23-Dec-10 21:30:29

arse favourite-festive-food-combos-co_1

debka Thu 23-Dec-10 21:33:59

That was quick! Thanks everyone.

DH is fussier than I am about what I eat, but the temp thing ought to convince him.

tomhardyismydh Thu 23-Dec-10 21:34:31

i cut of powdery top and slash surface with a knife, drizzle loads of olive oil, loads of pepper and crush a clove of garlic or two and insert.

heat in 180 oven for 45 to 50 mins.

its so yummy having as my starter on xmas day with home made dough balls.
once finished will harden up again in fridge to eat cold. i think its fine in pg just wouldnt eat blue cheese if pg.

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