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Please help - anyone bought the boneless turkey from M&S food to order?

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tartiflette Thu 23-Dec-10 10:44:09

... the one with the bacon lattice that cost £60? blush

I've just collected it (traumatic queue) and it has no sleeve on - I now realise I have no idea how to cook the bugger, am fine with actual turkeys but this is kind of solid meat.

HELP! Does anyone else have one with instructions on the sleeve or failing that anyone with half a brain know how to cook such a beast (it's 2.3kg)?

foxinsocks Thu 23-Dec-10 10:50:44

I have the one that is 1.78kg and it says 1hour 15 mins at 180C

tartiflette Thu 23-Dec-10 11:01:26

Thanks - suppose I just multiply up from that... oh dear.

sowhatis Thu 23-Dec-10 12:03:54

call them maybe??

chrimblycompo Thu 23-Dec-10 12:04:55

Crumbs I'd expect the sleeve if I'd forked out sixty quid

tartiflette Thu 23-Dec-10 12:10:33

I know, it was total mayhem though I had queued for AN HOUR and there was essentially a scrum behind me, had babies with me etc etc so I just wanted to pay and get the hell out.
Yes good idea I could try ringing.

foxinsocks Thu 23-Dec-10 12:14:36

Lol poor you

Looking at mine, it doesn't have bacon on it but I'm sure a similar cooking principle could apply

bytheMoonlight Thu 23-Dec-10 12:14:44

What time did you collect? dh is off to collect our tonight and will not be happy if he is meet with an hour long queue!

Can I ask what else you ordered and does it all look nice?

tartiflette Thu 23-Dec-10 12:43:19

I'm so glad you asked that question because have just properly looked at the stuff and they have given me the wrong gammon fgs! Have rung customer services, they've arranged to have someone from the store taxi'd over here with the sleeve from the turkey and the correct ham... so guess they've redeemed themselves. Good job I didn;t have anything else on today! Waitrose on the other hand have just delivered my online order on time, with no subsitutions. Very impressed and will use them for the whole lot next time.

bytheMoonlight I had ordered the turkey, a muscovado-glazed gammon (can't comment as don't have it!) and a ginormous chocolate log which looks amazing.

My slot was 9-9.30, I got there just before 9 and left just after 10. Hopefully your DH will be luckier, it might just have been my branch.

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