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I need to do a cookery quiz!

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notasize10yetbutoneday Wed 22-Dec-10 14:51:11

Hi all

We are getting together with friends for NYE and we are each doing a quiz (10 questions) based on a different topic. I've decided to do mine on cooking. The others aren't great cooks so nothing too avant garde, but i was thinking things like 'what is a bain marie used for', that kind of thing.

I would love your ideas for questions (and answers!) please!


notasize10yetbutoneday Wed 22-Dec-10 14:51:58

When I say the others aren't great cooks what I mean is, they aren't particularly passionate about it, not that they are rubbish cooks!!! blush blush

scurryfunge Wed 22-Dec-10 14:53:49


I have used this wonderful site for quiz questions before.

Milliways Wed 22-Dec-10 15:03:14

These are the Q's from the Food & Drink round of a Quiz I ran recently.

What is Gazpacho?
A cold soup
“Ribus Nigum” is the Latin name of which fruit?
What type of beans are used in the production of Baked Beans?
In the books by Michael Bond, what is Paddington Bear's favourite food?
Marmalade Sandwiches
What was invented by Mr. Tate of Tate Gallery fame?
Sugar Cubes
What would you have in your hand if you were holding “Connover's Colossal”?
A stick of Asparagus
Which company first introduced Tea bags into the UK?
What is a young pilchard called?
A sardine
Which citrus fruit is a hybrid between a grapefruit an orange and a tangerine?
How many smartie colours are there currently?
8 blue, red, brown, orange, pink, green, mauve and yellow

notasize10yetbutoneday Wed 22-Dec-10 15:36:59

Wow, that website s great, thank you! and Milliways your's is brilliant, I love the Ugli fruit one!

Milliways Wed 22-Dec-10 15:51:09

If i hunt, I have similar rounds from previous years quizzes.

Another good site is Quiz Zone

Milliways Wed 22-Dec-10 15:56:50

Which type of pasta`s name translates literally as `little worms`?

Which fruit contains the most calories?

How many bottles of champagne are in a Jeroboam? 4

Which dessert was created to honour a famous ballerina? Pavlova

Which spirit forms the base of a Tom Collin’s Cocktail? Gin

What is added to Eggs to make them Eggs Florentine? Spinach

How many gallons are there in a Firkin? 9

Which vegetable is a major ingredient of Bortsch? Beetroot

Which vegetable is known as Zucchini in the USA? Courgette

What ingredient is added to Wine to make Port? Brandy

What does V.S.O.P stand for on a bottle of Brandy? Very Special (or Superior) Old Pale

If a recipe says to cook at 150 degrees Centigrade or 300 Fahrenheit, what would you use if you had a gas cooker? Gas Mark 2

tb Thu 23-Dec-10 17:15:31

At Robinson's in Stockport, a 9-gallon barrel is known as a 'kil', short for kilderkin, so you if you asked the question the other way round - what is the name for a 9-gallon barrel of beer, you could give bonus marks to clever clogs who knew both answers.

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